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  • Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'. I need some hot stuff baby tonight. I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'. Gotta have some hot stuff. Gotta have some love tonight.

    Cosmo – Building A Watercooled PC (Part 1)

    10 March, 2014

    Mostly-irrationally, Dan decides that it's time to build a new computer, and sets out to make a souped-up, liquid-cooled...

  • 20130616_095447

    New Volunteers for Three Rings

    8 July, 2013

    Following their weekend in Jersey, Dan, Ruth and JTA went off to Malvern to train three new Three Rings...

  • An opened food tin.

    The Worst Joke I Ever Heard

    16 April, 2013

    After refusing to share it for over twenty years, Dan performs his first (and only) re-telling of the worst...

  • On This Day In 1999

    5 November, 2012

    In today's On This Day, Dan looks back on bonfire night of 1999, the crushes of his younger years,...

  • Edinburgh 2012 – Day One (was: On The Fringe)

    20 August, 2012

    Dan goes with Ruth and JTA to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is joined by Matt R.

  • Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

    Three Parties

    17 August, 2012

    After three consecutive weekends of parties, it's no wonder than Dan's so tired. Andy's birthday, Earth's Summer Party, and...

  • Three Rings as it appeared about seven years ago.

    Three Rings – Then And Now

    7 August, 2012

    Dan plugs the Three Rings blog, which recently published a post looking back on the technical changes to the...

  • Eurovision Spectacular 2012

    21 May, 2012

    Eurovision Night 2012 is on Saturday, and it's time that we brought our disparate Eurovision Night Parties together via...

  • On This Day In 2005

    4 May, 2012

    On this day in 2005, Dan received an unusual parcel. No, you're not reading the same post twice... this...

  • On This Day In 2004

    27 April, 2012

    On this day in 2004, Dan finally handed in his dissertation on the subject of Three Rings. Since then,...

  • One Hundred And Sixty

    19 April, 2012

    Dan reminisces about old mobile phones, text messages, and those 160-character limits we learned to work around. Twitter could...

  • Remembering December 2003

    21 March, 2012

    Back in July 2004, Dan lost a lot of his older blog posts during a server malfunction. Now and...

  • Northern Radio

    17 January, 2012

    While standing in the shower and listening to a local radio station, in Lancashire, Dan considers the impact of...

  • The Old Asylum

    24 December, 2011

    Dan explains how he came to love abandoned buildings and forgotten places, by telling the story of how he...

  • Making Time

    29 November, 2011

    Finally at the end of a mammoth development stretch for the Three Rings project, Dan finally gets a little...

  • On This Day In 1999

    8 October, 2011

    It's 12 years to the day since Dan first downloaded a copy of The Matrix, whose massive 1.4GB bulk...

  • On This Day In 2003

    9 July, 2011

    Dan looks back on the very first time he juggled flaming clubs, and wraps this up in the story...

  • Hash Abnib

    25 June, 2011

    Abnib Chat didn't catch on this time around. Dan is unsurprised, but tries to understand the reasons anyway.

  • On This Day In 2003

    10 June, 2011

    Today is the ninth birthday of Dan's blog on Okay, okay, so he's actually been blogging in some...

  • On This Day in 2002 (New Job!)

    4 March, 2011

    Dan looks back to 2002, when he began working for SmartData. Now, nine years on, he's planning to move...

  • On This Day In 2004

    31 December, 2010

    Dan looks back to six years ago, when he and Paul argued about the usability of the Steam digital...

  • On This Day In 2009

    1 November, 2010

    Looking Back On this day in 2009 I’d just announced that Claire and I had broken up after our...

  • It is Windy in Aberystwyth

    22 October, 2010

    We don’t get wind in Oxford: not wind like this, anyway. The air is passionate and angry, full of...

  • On This Day In 1999

    30 September, 2010

    Looking Back On this day in 1999 I sent out the fourth of my Cool Thing Of The Day To...

  • Troma Night Adventure

    15 September, 2010

    Because I promised you some Aber-nostalgia. Do you remember the RockMonkey Wiki? Many years ago, Ruth bought the domain...

  • Nostalgia And The Aber Effect, According To Other People

    14 September, 2010

    Strokey Adam just realised, in only his fifth blog post in the last 12 months, that it’s now ten...

  • On This Day In 2003

    30 August, 2010

    Looking Back On this day in 2003 I wrote a short blog post about a very important event in...

  • On This Day In 2006

    31 July, 2010

    Looking Back On this day in 2006 I’d just come to the end of a long weekend of coding...

  • Aberystwyth Escape Velocity

    17 May, 2010

    It’s been said that Aberystwyth is like a black hole, and that once you’re sucked into it, you can...

  • Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

    27 March, 2010

    It’s been a bit of a day for nostalgia. It started even before I woke up, when I was...