Privacy & Cookies

This is the privacy policy and cookie statement of the website If you have any queries, submit them here.

Note that I am not an “enterprise” under the GDPR/DPA2018 and this personal blog is thus exempt from many of the provisions of such legislation. But I try to hold thgis blog to a higher standard than the companies the law does apply to, anyway.

What I track (tl;dr: almost nothing)

    • I’ve worked hard to minimise my ability to track you.
    • I collect around 60 days of standard webserver activity logs, for diagnostic purposes.
    • I don’t set any cookies under normal circumstances (but see below).
    • I don’t perform any fingerprinting (and my JavaScript is all optional and tiny, so you can audit for yourself if you like).
    • My configuration encourages caching, which improves the speed of the site and improves your privacy.
    • As far as I can, I actively sabotage plugins in my content management system that seem to attempt to make it possible to track you.


This site should only set a cookie in response to you deliberately sending data to it, e.g. posting a comment (so that your browser can pre-fill your name/email the next time you comment). These cookies aren’t used for any other purpose, and you’re welcome to delete them at any time and will suffer no loss of functionality as a result. These “session” cookies should self-destruct automatically when you close your browser.

This site does not use any analytics or tracking cookies.

Third-party content may be embedded within posts, e.g. from YouTube. Where possible, I’ll use the most privacy-respecting approach to doing this (e.g. nocookie- URLs for embedded YouTube videos). However, I can’t vouch for what third parties do with your information and I’d recommend that anybody install privacy protecting software when browsing the Web. Similarly, content from this site might be syndicated to third-party services which are similarly outside of my control.

Personal information

You might choose to provide personal information to this website. Here’s how such information will be treated:

  • Email address:
    • If attached to a comment: Will be used only as the hashing seed for the avatar image associated with your comment. Will never be shared with any third party. May be used to email you personally to “reply” to your comment offline, if appropriate. Will be amended or deleted on request.
    • If you subscribe by email: Will be stored securely on a server I control and used only for the purpose of sending you the subscription you requested. Will never be shared with any third party. Will be deleted if you “unsubscribe”, or amended or  deleted on request. Unsubscribing should take two or fewer clicks (one on the link, one to confirm).
  • Name: May be displayed alongside your comment. Will be amended or deleted on request.
  • Website address: Optional when leaving a comment. May be used as the link destination for your name, if provided. Will be amended or deleted on request.
  • IP address:
    • If you leave a comment: the IP address you’re using may be recorded for spam-prevention and security reasons and retained indefinitely.
    • If you visit a page: the IP address will be stored, as described above, in webserver logs, and deleted after around 60 days.