Dan Q found GLVVQ0XX Copdock Hill

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A planned break from my journey from Oxford to Preston gave me the opportunity for a sunset hill climb in this beautiful setting. Almost as if to congratulate me, the second I returned the log to the cache container somebody far to the South West started setting off fireworks (barely audible from this distance, but definitely visible from this altitude!): I must be doing something right! TFTC.

Google Map of 52.22942,-1.62782

Dan Q found GLVVQ1AY Not up or Down

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On my way back down after finding GC18RNH I thought I’d try my luck at this cache, too. The sun had set and I thought my luck would fail me, but the hint (though a little cryptic) pointed me in the right direction. With the help of my torch plus a little bit of feeling-my-way I was able to retrieve the cache and sign the log. TFTC!

Google Map of 52.23043,-1.6324

Dan Q found GLVVKH3G Oxford-we-go – Geolympix legacy

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I’ve had two previous trips to the GZ to look for this cache: turns out that the hint in the Wherigo cartridge is completely inaccurate and mislead me quite a bit! To reiterate what others have said (I should’ve looked at the past logs sooner!), you’re looking for the kind of thing you’d normally expect to find given the cache size and location, NOT a combination lock.

Enjoyed the Oxford tour but ending on the edge of an industrial estate-turned-building site puts a dampener on the whole experience! Perhaps this final stage could enjoy being moved elsewhere? It’s possible it’ll have to anyway, once construction is complete here.


Google Map of 51.7515,-1.25725

Dan Q found GLVVN5PH Pub Quiz

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Took me longer than it might’ve to look at this one because I’m feeling a bit saturated with “city centre” mystery caches: why are there so many these days? Pub quiz questions were right up my alley and it was only having forgotten about the existence of a particular piece of filming history that slowed me down – luckily I was able to derive from the maths where my error was likely to be and correct it, and geochecker confirmed where I was headed.

The first place I searched gave me a false sense of satisfaction when I felt something small and smooth stuck-on to something near the GZ… but it turned out to be a snail.

The second place a searched resulted in a knuckle full of stinging nettles. Ouch!

But the third place I searched put the cache right into my hand. Delightful.

Google Map of 51.75472,-1.2528

Dan Q found GLVJCWVB Filton 2 (Community Garden Revived)

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Driving back from Exmoor to Oxfordshire I decided to “cut the corner” between the M5 and M4 to fit a little geocaching in. My first instinct as to where this was hidden (despite my GPSr telling me I was wrong) was unsurprisingly unsuccessful, but as soon as I trusted my kit I found the container instantly. As others have said, it’s quite remarkable that it’s still there considering the severe pollarding that’s clearly taken place recently! Tucked cache a few centimetres deeper into cover to help keep it from prying eyes. TFTC!

Google Map of 51.50782,-2.57467

Dan Q found GLVJCG3E Church Micro #4577 Puriton – St Michael

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Pulled off the M5 on my way back to Oxfordshire from a holiday on Exmoor to find this cache. Unfortunately roadworks in Puriton made driving through require a diversion, so I pulled over at N 51°10.090 W002°58.710 opposite the Puriton Inn and enjoyed a springtime walk the rest of the way. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far but today was a far more normal temperature, which made for a lovely opportunity to explore the village as I made my way to the GZ. An easy find before a walk back through the church grounds: at first I feared that the gate at N51°10.225 W002°58.363 might be a fence and that there might be no entry to the church grounds from that angle, but I was luckily proven wrong and got to take a closer look at this heptocentenian tower before heading back to the motorway. TFTC.

Google Map of 51.17128,-2.97433