Dan Q performed maintenance on GC9GTV3 Drive Slowly; Fox Crossing

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Checked in on this cache; found it wide open with the log book removed from its bag and thrown on the floor. Looks like minor vandalism. 😢 Gonna have to keep a closer eye on this one for a bit.

All fine for now.

Dan Q found GCAQJN1 Hardwick park 1

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FTF at 17:19! Saw this cache pop up this morning but figured that with a busy work day ahead of me I wouldn’t stand much chance if getting here first. But after finishing work and dropping my kids at their ballet lesson nearby and realising I had 20 minutes to spare time, I zipped out here to try to claim the glory.

Coordinates seemed slightly off to me (my device read N 51° 44.509′ W 001° 26.038′ when I found it) but if it’s only me that says so it’s probably just a coincidence (or geomagnetic interference: there’s certainly been plenty of that lately!). In any case, the hint was good despite some significant pruning having happened lately and I soon had the cache in hand. TNLN, SL, TFTC!

Geohashing expedition 2024-05-09 51 -1

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Between Standlake Allotments and the Horns Way footpath.



I originally though I’d cycle out here in the evening and see if I could reach the hashpoint, but with the weather so delightful (and the dog clamouring for a walk) I opted to adapt my lunchtime plans to go to Standlake Post Office (rather than the only-slightly-closer Eynsham Post Office) to post a parcel and take the dog for a walk… and check out the hashpoint at the same time!


Success! The dog and I parked near the Post Office, and tired firstd walking through the allotments, but they don’t go as far back as I thought they might and we couldn’t really get close to the hashpoint. So we doubled back, with the anticipation of going via the churchyard, when I spotted a convenient footpath sign (for a footpath not marked on my map), so we followed that. Conveniently it turned out to be a shortcut to Horns Way, the alternative route I’d considered to try to get close to the hashpoint. Travelling along it, we found an (also not on the map) back gate into the allotments: we could’ve just come this way, after all! We’d later use this route to get back home.

Approaching the hashpoint, we needed to push through a thicket of trees and jump a ditch, but this delivered us into a delightful meadow. We reached the hashpoint at 13:44, took the requisite silly photo, and set off back. On returning to the footpath (by a decidedly inferior route) we discovered a bench (with a dedication on it) that also wasn’t listed on OpenStreetMap nor on OpenBenches. I took a photo and pushed it to OpenBenches. There should be an achievement for that.

I added the missing footpaths, gate, and bench to OpenStreetMap and we set off back to the Post Office, delivered the parcel, then returned home.


My GPSr kept a tracklog.

Tracklog showing Dan's journey through and around Standlake, then home again.


Sunny allotments.
Hard to find a way out of the allotments.
Verdant meadow.
Made it into the meadow!
GPS receiver showing 0 metres.
Dan in a meadow.
Not-so-silly grin.
Dan squints into the sunlight in a grassy field, alongside a dog.
Pretty silly pup.
Memorial bench with inscription "In loving memory of Bill Mitchell 1934-2021"
A new addition to OpenBenches!
× × × × × ×

Dan Q found GC30B8 SP1

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The rest of my family and I enjoy a Go Ape, so we came out this morning for a bout of tree climbing and high ropes at the nearby centre. After our picnic lunch, and while the kids were amusing themselves in the play area (they couldn’t be persuaded to join me for a walk!), I excused myself for a few minutes to find this cache.

A great cache in an excellent location. I get so sick of tiny caches barely off the footpath, so it’s a real treat to find one of a decent size a little further into the woods! TNLN, SL, TFTC. Now I’d better get back to the family so we can all go swimming!

Dan takes a selfie from a high-ropes course, up a tree.


Dan Q wrote note for GC9Z37B Friar’s Farm – Legal Limit

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I’ve now confirmed that this cache is missing (it looks like it was removed by the council during the installation of the signs for the new 20mph limit1) and sourced the requisite parts to construct a like-for-like replacement. I’ll aim to get that constructed and in-place within the next two weeks.

A small plastic screw-top tub and post topper; components for the geocache.


1 A similar change meant that I had to temporarily disable a cache of the same design in Sutton, earlier this year.


Dan Q found GC89T04 Japanse glazen dobbers

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An easy find. Didn’t take nor leave any books, but briefly skimmed the Borland JBuilder 2 Getting Started guide, because it was familiar/nostalgic. Pretty sure I used this tool… about 25 years ago!

Dan squints into a copy of a book, Borland JBuilder 2 Quick Start.


Dan Q found GC8R0FY SIX on the beach

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An easy find. As a approached I thought that a couple cuddling here might be in my way, but they were just getting ready to leave as I arrived! SL (love the long thin logbook!), TFTC. Now to make my way back to the station!

Dan puts his hand to his brow as he looks out to sea near Amsterdam.


Dan Q found GC79PX6 Galgenveld / Field of Gallows

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Eww. Had to put my hand into two gross holes before finding the (correct) third gross hole I needed to put my hand into. Worth it in the end for a happy smiley face. Thanks for bringing me to this place and teaching me its history. TFTC!

Dan looks at his fingers as if there's something disgusing on them, in a field.


Dan Q found GCAJGEA Welcome to Amsterdam! (Virtual Reward 4.0)

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TFTC! I’m not carrying any tickets for UK transport, but I’ve got a (mildly defaced) British banknote and I found a tram (the number 13, which connected me to my hotel this week) and a ferry (which I then went and caught to go find some more caches!).

A £10 note with "Dan Q's Geocaching Fund" written on it in front of a number 13 tram.

A £10 note with "Dan Q's Geocaching Fund" written on it in front of a ferry.

× ×

Dan Q found GCAJHEN Amsterdam Greed / Hebzucht

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Cash? Not carrying much of that. But my credit card sits at the front of my minimalist wallet and, as a bonus, shows my geocaching username (which is the same as my actual name) without showing the actual card number. TFTC!

Dans fingers hold up a minimalist carbon fibre wallet in front of the Victoria Hotel in central Amsterdam. His credit card is visible showing his name but little else.


Dan Q did not find GC5A7X0 Bicycle Parking

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No luck here despite an extended search, the hint, and the spoiler image. Confident I’ve found the right host but no sign in the cache. I wonder if another geocacher is holding it right now, sitting somewhere nearby to sign the log? Or else it’s probably gone missing. 😢

Dan Q found GC5K1KW Behind the Monument

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Love the monument, delighted to see it. Took me a long, long time to find the cache though! Started by looking near the coordinates but couldn’t find anything likely to host the cache.

Spotted a likely host by the waterside and, evert though the coordinates seemed off, gave a good search there before giving up.

Then went to a nearby stall to buy a souvenir of my trip when I realised another possible route to the coordinates. Turns out there’s a big van parked right now blocking access to the cache! (Looks like they’re setting up for an event, maybe for King’s Day?) Squeezed past and used my phone in selfie mode as a mirror to scan the place I thought the cache might be. Success! Retrieved cache, signed log, and returned.

Dan sits on a pink triangular dock, holding a fist in the air. On his wrist can be sen the colours of the "bi pride" flag.

Thanks for bringing me here, and for a well-hidden cache. Greetings from Oxfordshire, UK!