Dan Q found GLW6CHW0 It’s Not Easy Being a Purple Whatever

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Maximum stealth mode required for this one! An easy find, but a hard retrieval and an especially challenging return! (Just about within my reach; if Red is of the same design then I’m afraid I think it’s missing.)

Love the customised log scroll. Oh, and Gonzo is clearly a Gonzo.

Map of 51.51972,-0.11997

Dan Q found GLW4VK1D It’s all water…

This checkin to GLW4VK1D It's all water... reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

This was a fantastic puzzle which I’d only glanced at when it first appeared. Happily, when I looked at it again earlier this week it suddenly became obvious to me what I had to do. A lovely lunchtime cycle ride took me to the GZ, but unfortunately every muggle and their dog (literally) was in the vicinity. Not to be beaten, I found a nice place to sit and ate my sandwiches while I waited for them to disperse. Keeping my eyes peeled, I was able to see what I figured was the cache container. Soon, my opportunity came.

Fairly easy approach to the cache. Obviously I can see why it has the terrain rating it does, but perhaps it’s that I’ve been spoiled by the likes of GC13WZQ/OK0044. Ratings aren’t quite the same after you’ve done that one (at least if you did it the way I did). Tooled-up with the knowledge (from previous logs) that it might be a slippery walk, I began my approach. Hopping down from my step was the easy part. Easing the cache out of its hiding place while staying safe and dry was the tough bit!

Cache is exactly at the advertised position and remains dry within. A writing implement would be a good addition – if I’m in the vicinity in the near future I’ll drop off one of my (many) spare mini-pencils. Checking once more for muggles (in case they’d returned!) I returned the cache and began my escape. Helpfully, my work shoes have reasonably good grip and my return to the footpath wasn’t difficulty. Excellent cache and puzzle in a fabulous location; TFTC!

Map of 51.74797,-1.27927