Geohashing expedition 2021-12-22 51 -2

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East side of Syde; side of a Syde Farm field.



I’m going to be going half way here anyway on an errand. Might as well enjoy a morning hike and expand my Minesweeper grid, if I can.


Given that I was driving half way from home to this hashpoint to run an errand anyway, I figured I might as well push the battery on the EV a little further. Coming over the graticule line would, if successful, expand my Minesweeper score, and as it’s such a beautiful frosty morning it seemed like great conditions for a bit of an explore.

I’d hoped to drive most of the way to the hashpoint and only walk a short distance, but I soon discovered that the nearest road is signposted as being for access to Syde Farm only (and is narrow enough that passing a vehicle coming the other way would be extremely awkward), so I parked up near geocache GC1WXE1 and hiked along a frozen bridleway to get closer to the hashpoint.

Reached the hashpoint around 10:15, turned around, and headed back, nabbing the geocache on the way. By the time I reached the car my hands were freezing and it was only as I returned my GPSr to my coat pocket that I remembered that I’d been carrying my gloves all along.


Entire journey

Map showing route from Bourton-on-the-Water to Stanton Harcourt via the 2021-12-22 51 -2 hashpoint.

Walking part (after I remembered to start tracking it)

Map showing walking route around the 2021-12-22 51 -2 hashpoint.


Map of 51.7967124,-2.0728107

Dan Q found GC5VKVN Walk by the Firehouse #4

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I first tried to find this cache back in 2018, but the cache container had been destroyed leaving only a fragment of it left. Today, as I was out on a lunchtime cycle nearby anyway, I decided to come and give it another go. I’d left my primary GPSr at home so I had to use my phone, which for some reason was declaring my position to be about 22m off target (and well into the fields, based on local aerial photography!) but my memory of the hiding place – coupled with a quick check of the clue – confirmed I was looking in the right place. I don’t know if it’s hidden higher up now or if I’ve just gotten shorter but it was a bit of a stretch to reach! SL, TFTC.

Dan and his bike on Chillbridge Road, Eynsham.

Map of 51.78055,-1.389483

Dan Q couldn’t find GC9K2D0 The Footpath Wonder

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Saw the notification pop up and thought this was an obvious FTF opportunity, so me and a geokid zipped out and mounted a search. After about 20 minutes of hunting we double checked hint cache details – only a D2/T1: maybe we’re not on form today. Or maybe something else is amiss: a brand new cache by a cacher with no finds and no (other) hides, with no description and no hint? Did this perhaps get published prematurely? We’ll come back later in the week for another go, but for now this one’s a sad-face for us.

Dan and John look sad near the site of a possibly non-existent geocache.

Map of 51.754043,-1.393039

Dan Q performed maintenance for GC9EXXC Shady Seat on The Green

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I was out on a head-clearing walk anyway this evening as I waited for my computer to catch up with me on some batch processing work, so I figured I’d check on this cache, which got a DNF earlier today. The cache is in its usual place and is healthy and ready to find… but the colours of some parts of the cache container might trick the eye when seen alongside all the recently fallen autumn leaves…

Dan, in the dark, lit only by a torch.

Map of 51.749,-1.40175

Dan Q performed maintenance for GC8W7QW Forgotten Bridge

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Took a late hike out here for a maintenance checkup before winter: make sure the waterproof seal is good etc. Really creepy to walk out here alone in the night fog, silent except for the occasional startling loud bellow of a rutting muntjack!

All is good here, and I was delighted to find in the logbook perhaps my favourite ever log entry in a geocache I own… it’s from the Oxfordshire County Council Countryside Access Team!

Geocache logbook entry reading: "2/11/21 - Found during bridge inspection. Oxfordshire County Council Countryside Access Team."

Map of 51.7652,-1.390367

Dan Q found GC54MFQ (Mac)Donald Where’s Your Troosers?

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Staying at the nearby hotel I came out last night to try and find this but quickly gave up rather than poke around in the gloomy night. I’d brought a torch for exactly this kind of purpose but accidentally left it in the car… and the car key in the hotel room!

This morning, though, was much easier. The hint object – which I hadn’t even been able to see last night! – was a great clue and I was about to find a root… I mean route… to it through the undergrowth. TFTC!

Map of 52.758467,-1.926867

Dan Q performed maintenance for GC9GKJA A Fine Pair # 1625 ~ Eynsham

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Dropped by for a maintenance visit. All is well except for a discrepancy between the paper and online logs, which I’m following up with the cachers in question.

Update: I’ve verified that everybody who’s previously logged this cache online has found the cache and held the physical logbook, even if they haven’t signed the physical logbook.

Map of 51.780417,-1.373967

Dan Q found GC944X7 Pop! Bang! Crack! Goes the Christmas Cracker

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The second of the caches in this series that I found in between errands, this afternoon, was probably the easiest, because the hiding place reminds me distinctly of one of my own hides! This one, though, enjoys some excellent Christmas theming, for which a FP is due. TFTC!

Map of 51.678267,-1.42455

Dan Q found GC93YF2 O Christmas Tree

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I’d picked this one out as an essential for this afternoon’s “between jobs” hunt, because it completes my Solar System Wonders set. How pleased I was to find that through this cache a tree is properly – albeit sparsely – decorated. Thanks for this, my third and final cache of the day. I’ll be back to finish the series next time I’m around here with time to spare, I’m sure!

Map of 51.678717,-1.419167

Dan Q found GC93W4C Twelve Days of Caching

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Having “solved” all the puzzles some time ago I’m picking away at finding the caches in this series a few at a time, starting the other week, every time I happen to be passing nearby. I felt a little overlooked by nearby windows this drizzly afternoon but I needn’t have engaged my stealth skills: the coordinates were spot on and I soon had the cache in my hand. TFTC.

Map of 51.68035,-1.427667

Dan Q found GC6H7HD Zoology

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Having succeeded at my primary goal for the evening of finding the challenging sibling of this cache, Herbology, I realised I probably had just enough time left before sunset to find this one, too, if I got a move on. As I ran along the path and rounded the corner to the field at the edge of which this cache is found, though, I was in for a bit of a surprise!

I’ve joked to my partner that the deer in South Leigh seem to be suicidal, based on the frequency with which they will leap out in front of my car or bike on the rare occasions that I pass through the village (I’ve avoided hitting any so far, but they keep trying to make me). Well today it was my turn to narrowly avoid being run over, as a pair of large deer rushed out from the field and almost bowled me over! Perhaps now they’ll understand how startling it is to almost end up ploughing through a living thing and avoid jumping out in front of me? Or perhaps not.

In any case, I quickly found the cache’s hiding place once I’d crossed the field, and I could have probably done it 10 minutes later if I’d needed to… but probably not much beyond that; once the sun was gone my eyes wouldn’t have been up to it! As others have noted, this cache is in need of repair: I’m pretty sure it once must have fit the theme of its siblings but right now it’s a cracked, open shell, miraculously still dry enough inside to sign the log but that’s probably only a matter of time. :-(

Anyway: thanks to the CO for a fun series and a delightful, if frantic, walk some of these Autumn evenings. TFTCaches!

Map of 51.777,-1.4222