Werewolves and Wanderer [Video]

This video accompanies a blog post of the same title. The content is mostly the same; the blog post contains a few extra elements (especially in the footnotes!). Enjoy whichever one you choose.

Also available on YouTube and on Facebook.


  1. OMFG, years ago my parents bought me a book on writing adventures games.
    I didn’t give it much of a look at the time but in recent years I’ve thought about it but can’t seem to find it on the shelves of my childhood bedroom, or even on the internet as I couldn’t remember the title.
    Tonight, you show up on my YouTube feed and there it is.
    ‘Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer’ by ‘Tim Hartnell’
    Compatible with my TI-99/4A (with Extended Basic) as I had at the time.
    Thank you!

  2. I haven’t watched yet, but I love the concept of turning blog posts into videos!! It seems like a really cool idea and I’ve wished some of my fave video essays where blog posts and some of my fave blog posts were youtube videos. More people should do this.

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