I see you’ve changed your Twitter handle, @librarybilkent! Your site still looks like you’ve #stolen the #webdesign from @bodleianlibs, though (and changed the license to a #CreativeCommons one, although the fact you forgot to change the #GoogleAnalytics ID is a giveaway…).

RT https://twitter.com/scatmandan/status/909799082616647684

Speaking of volunteers, #MuseTech17: how do you manage yours? Wearing my @3RingsCIC hat: www.threerings.org.uk is seeing increased adoption.

#MuseTech17 @cawston I wonder how the psychological diff. between transparent and opaque donation boxes is affected by “opaque” contactless?

#MuseTech17 @cawston has done interesting experiments in feedback/”rewards” for contactless donors, e.g. “thanks” videos.

#MuseTech17 Kevin Bacon and his team have learned the same lessons as the @bodleianlibs did about kiosks, in the same order… #dejavu

Are speakers planning to put #MuseTech17 slides online? It’d save effort by the people who seem to be photographing every… single… slide

#MuseTech17 @hannahfox: “Encourage (especially young) people to contribute to your ideas; take risks; engage community; focus on feelings.”