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When I changed my name back in 2007, I did it the wrong way. My name ended up changed, so I didn’t go too-far wrong, but I paid for the service from one of the premium Deed Poll companies, who charge you £30 or more to do what you can basically do for yourself. It’s not an extortionate fee, but it is a rip-off. These companies get you to fill in a web form, then they print out a template response and post it to you. They scam people with strong SEO techniques and liberal use of the word “official” plastered around their websites. Once I learned better (and after I’d helped a few friends to successfully change their names using home-made Deed Polls) and done a little research, I realised that there were several free guides, online, to making your own Deed Poll. But the only wizard-driven service I could find was riddled with advertisements, required that you give them your email address, and delivered password-protected documents. That’s when I realised that I could do something better. Use Just go to and fill in the form to generate yourself a free Deed Poll document. Sign it (in both your new and old names), have your witnesses sign it, and you’re done: you have a brand new, legally-recognised name. The website also has tips on the laws regarding the names you can choose and on who you need to inform once you’ve changed your name.

Open Source

Because I’m passionate about open-source software, I’ve released the entire source code for this project – you can get it here, on GitHub. It’s developed using Sinatra, an awesome (and lightweight) web framework for Ruby. Prawn, the majestic sea creature of PDF generation, is used to generate the resulting Deed Poll. I hope that by releasing this project and its source code “into the wild” that I’ll be able to enable others to:

  • Legally change their names simply and without cost, as is the right of every British adult.
  • Learn to develop web applications using Ruby and Sinatra.
  • Raise awareness about how easy it is to change one’s name, in order to undermine the greedy scam artists who sell little more than a piece of pretty paper for an insane premium.

If you enjoy this tool, please get in touch and let me know.


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see


  1. Craig 3 years ago

    For an overview of all the available methods to legally change your name.

    • Jordie 3 years ago

      Cool, thats a great help, rest of site good tok!

    • MrjDanger 3 years ago

      This was a great help, you can change your name legally in 4 ways, deed poll is the best and the free template is great.

    • jonntee 3 years ago

      Free deed poll to change your name legally on Squidoo link. Lots of info, contacts and step by step process for DIY deed poll.

    • jay 2 years ago

      Great. Lots of useful information and links. It really can be done for free.

  2. Michelle 3 years ago

    Hey, the deedpoll site appears to be down….

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      My apologies. It should be up again now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      I’ve been working on a new version with more help and support, an easier-to-use interface, and the ability to make deeds poll for dependent children as well as adults, and I accidentally introduced an incompatibility into the live version while I was doing so.

      • Michelle 3 years ago

        No need to apologise !!! It is an awesome service you provide and ask for nothing in return. Trans people everywhere thank u xxx

      • Adnan 1 year ago

        hi there! just seen this great tool for deed pool for free. I’m wondering if there is any option for dependent children’s name change. I need to change my daughter’s name.

        Please help :) Thanks

  3. Richard Owen 3 years ago

    So do you think all of these services are ripping customers off or just this particular service?

    Edit: a link to an a paid-for deed poll service was removed from this comment.

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      Given that I’ve helped hundreds of people write out deeds poll for free, but there are companies who try to sell basically the same service for around £30, it’s my feeling that most of these companies are ripping people off.

      The one you linked to can’t spell “United Kingdom”, by the way, and doesn’t know what the plural of “copy” is, which doesn’t give me a lot of faith in them. They also seem inconsistent in their pricing structure, depending on which page you look at. I mention this just in case the site is yours.

  4. Emily Falder 3 years ago

    I would like to point out that the tool does NOT work on Chrome on an iPad (and I assume other iOS devices as well), but it works in Safari perfectly.

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      Thanks for letting me know, Emily! I’m working on a new version of the tool which should correct that problem, as well as adding new features, but I’m slightly tied up with jury duty and buying a house right now! I’ll have it ready soon!

  5. Mel 3 years ago

    Hi i had my sons name changed about 15 years ago but have lost the deeds in a move. He is 17 and has been accepted in th RAF i need to do a new one but cant find how to do this free as he is under 18. Any ideas please

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      That’s not quite as simple a question as you might think. I’ll reply to you directly, by email.

  6. Zoetrope 3 years ago

    Currently down at the moment :(, I really want to use it, it has the nicest formatting of all the ones I can find online, and also makes me feel like I’m not getting screwed.

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      Sorry about that! I’ve been having some server trouble. It should be up again later this week.

      • Zoetrope 3 years ago

        Its up already!, you are a godsend.

  7. Paul 3 years ago

    Fantastic service, I almost paid for the privilege but thanks to you my pennies can feed the family, thank you.

  8. Daniela 3 years ago

    Is it really that simple? I can print the form and ta-dah…name changed? Doesn’t need to be sent anywhere? Recorded anywhere? And can be used to change driving licence and banks etc??

    Seems to good to be true….!

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      Yes, all you have to do is print it, sign it, and show it to everybody who needs to know your new name (bank, employer, doctor, DVLA, passport office, etc.). Hundreds – possibly thousands – of people have done so already using this very site, including about half a dozen that I know personally. It really is that simple.

  9. Jodhi 3 years ago

    I’m using your site to change my own name, but I want to change my kids’ names too. Any news on when this might be running on your site or elsewhere? Ta muchly :)

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      I’ve replied to you by personal email with the information you need.

      • Tez 2 years ago

        Hi there, your Deed poll site looks great but it is my children – I need to alter part of their surname. Could you be kind enough to tell me how I go about this? I can’t find a template for them. I am their sole parent with sole parental responsibility.

        Many thanks

      • saman 4 months ago

        Hi there,
        Thanks forbyou great website and the free template. I need change my sons names and was wondering if you could email me the template to do that.
        Thanks in advance

      • Lisa 3 months ago

        Same kind of question from me, My mother re-married when i was 11. So my name was changed. But when i was 17 I lost my deeds. Solicitors say they wipe their records after 6 yr so would need to start all over again?? Costing £110 + vat! All I want is my passport, So could i still go by the name on my birth cert when i apply for it?

      • Laura 4 weeks ago

        Can you tell me how I can do this for my son aged 10 please

  10. Tako 3 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the free template, I went to Nationwide today with the document but they refused it because it does not have a stamp. Is this required? Shall I try another branch?

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      No; they are wrong.

      I suggest that you print out or otherwise show them a copy of this article in The Guardian, for which an investigative reporter contacted all of the major banks and showed them deeds poll generated by my website, and all of them agreed (eventually: some were slower than others) that they were acceptable. By a “stamp”, they’re probably asking for a “seal”, which hasn’t been required since the 1980s (and in practice wasn’t required for many decades before that).

      You’ll note that Nationwide are specifically mentioned in the article as having originally refused these deeds poll, but later changed their stance. Evidently your local branch didn’t get the memo, and you should rub it in their face that a national newspaper is more up-to-date on their internal policy than they are!

      • Matt 2 years ago

        They’re still at it… National wide refused mine today too. I will be printing and suitable “in face” shoving. The NHS, passport service have been fine with it.

        If I was to follow the advice I just had from the clerk “You need to go to your solicitor.” I’d be incurring a cost that I needn’t expend, even just for the consultation time. Poor show. I’m not falling for that. Thanks for the excellent site Dan, refreshing transparency, esp. with the GitHub repo!

        • IsigAesc 2 years ago

          And still. “Deed of Change of Name is not something we can use. We need to have a change of name through deed poll”

          Every other financial organisation, HMRC, HM Passport Office, DVLA, NHS all accept it, though. I suggest simply closing Nationwide accounts!

          Its likely that they’d have to yield to a request under the Data Protection Act to correct your details to match those of the deed, but when every other organisation gets it right, why bother with Nationwide?

          Thanks for the site!

    • Emma 12 months ago

      Just had mine refused by hsbc they said it needed a crest and statutory declaration!! Have things changed? A big stress for me as I can’t get divorced and desperate to change my name!

  11. Lezzie 3 years ago

    Can a birthday be change by doing a deed poll.

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      > Can a birthday be change by doing a deed poll.

      No. You cannot change your date of birth by any means.

      If your date of birth was incorrectly-recorded on your birth certificate (this can sometimes happen when a birth happens late at night but isn’t registered until the following morning, for example), then this can be corrected, but it’s rarely an easy process. You need to be able to prove that the information is incorrect, and what the correct information is (e.g. via an affidavit from the registering doctor) either to the local register office in which the birth was registered, or to the General Register Office. Either way, full details can be found at

      If you simply want to “change” your date of birth like you might change your name – this simply isn’t permitted. Otherwise I could declare myself to be elderly and retire tomorrow (and children would declare themselves to be adults to get into bars!).

  12. Lezzie 3 years ago

    Thank you.

  13. bushira n 3 years ago

    right am quite confused on what to choose atm. am 18, i wasn’t born in the uk but arrived in 2006 and now am currently a british citizen with a british passport too. neither of my parents were born in the uk but came here in the 1990s (we all come from uganda). i noticed that your site had the ‘parental immigrattion’ option and i was wondering if that’s the option i should choose inorder to get my name changed. please answer me as i need to change my details before going to uni. thanks

  14. Irini 3 years ago

    You can be sixteen and change your name without your parents’ permission (luckily for me, just thought I’d point that out hahaa)

    But yeah, Thanks for the free template. :)

  15. Racheal 3 years ago

    Hi, I recently got married and I need 3 deed polls for our children as they are in my maiden name. Could you offer me some help. Thank you.

  16. Rebecca 3 years ago

    Thanks for the link, until finding this site I have always been under the impression that a deed poll had to be paid for – you learn something new every day! I’m also interested in how I can change my childrens names without expense. Both parents give consent to the change. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

  17. Jade 3 years ago

    Hi Dan, I am 17 years old and my parents have given me permission to change my name. I’ve noticed that you have to be 18+ to apply for the free deed poll. But I read somewhere on The Guardian (I think) that I can just print it out and attach a letter of consent written by my parents. Is this correct? Also, once I print out the deed poll, do I just send it to every organisation I need to inform of my name change and it’s sorted?


  18. Bob 3 years ago

    My wife has just been naturalized as a British Citizen. She has already assumed my family name but wants to change her forenames and then apply for a passport. Can this be done with your free template and will the passport office accept it?


    • Ruth 3 years ago

      Hi Bob,

      I did that when I got marred – I wanted to change my middle names. I used one of Dan’s documents and had no trouble with the passport or anybody else.

  19. Zoe 3 years ago

    Hi Dan

    I was about to pay about 100GBP for the official deed poll that is linked from (the Royal Courts of Justice one), but then I found the link to your website below. You seem like a clever guy to figure this all out and very kind to the effort of making this.

    I’ve read your free deed poll guidance and I’m still worried that things are *this* easy. I compared the official deed poll form and they are pretty restrictive about who can be a witness. They ask for someone who is not your family, owns their own home in the UK, and who has known you for 10 years. I am wondering if there are any legal requirements for who can be a witness on other types of deed poll like this free one you have made?

    Thanks a million again

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      There’s nothing more (or less) “official” about any deed poll than any other: don’t be fooled by those who’ll try to charge you!

      Yes; it really is this easy. Legally-speaking, there’s no reason that you HAVE to have a witness at all. However, it dramatically increases the likelyhood that your deed will be accepted. If you do have witnesses (and you should!), then you should theoretically pick people who are reputable (which used to mean being male, over 21, owning property, etc., but now basically means being anybody who can be identified should the need arise) and unbiased (which means that you shouldn’t use a spouse or family member, or anybody who could conceivably have coerced you into signing).

      If you look around the other “paid” deed poll sites (and there are lots of them, charging anywhere between £10 and £100), you’ll note that they all have different rules about witnesses!

      When I changed my name, I took two of my friends down to the pub and bought each of them a pint in exchange for some signatures. When my partner changed her name, she used me and our lodger. Most of the folks I know (many of them from their feedback on my website) simply coralled any two friends and used them. And that’s all you need to do.

      • Zoe 3 years ago

        Thank you for the detailed reply. Its crazy how easy it is to do this. In most peoples’ mind they would say it is more difficult process. I’ve been thinking about who to ask and I’ve got people in mind… they both are paying mortgages so I think this will OK. Ah the things friends will do for beer =D

        Respect to for linking to your website, and to you of course for making it!

        • Zoe 3 years ago

          I just popped back to give some more info about what deed polls the passport office will accept for proof of a name change. The first time I phoned them and the man said that it had to be an “official” deed poll or the passport application would be rejected. He said that a deed poll which had not been witnessed by a solicitor or been issued by the High Court was not a legal document, which I knew not to be true after reading this page.

          So then I emailed the passport people asking specifically if this free deed poll template would be accepted, and they said this:

          “Deed polls obtained from the Internet can be accepted and an un-enrolled deed poll is acceptable providing the signature of the person changing their name has been witnessed. This does not need to be by a solicitor or commissioner of oaths. An un-enrolled deed poll can only be accepted however if it has been signed in both the new and the old name. If the deed poll is only showing the new signature it will be rejected and a new change of name deed with both signatures requested.”

          So I guess it really is this easy to change your name. Also interesting that they seem to suggest that only one witness is needed. Once the new name is on the passport, no-one is going to be difficult I would imagine.


      • Linzi robinson 1 year ago

        Hi can I change my 7year old daughter name this way??

  20. Racheal 3 years ago

    Hi Scatman Dan, could you help me please. I want to change my children’s surname as I recently married their father and they are in my maiden name. At the minute I can’t even change their names on their bank accounts without a deed poll. Please help. Many thanks.

  21. Lesley 3 years ago

    Hiya Dan,

    Brilliant, thank you! Makes the tedious (and, for me, incredibly stressful) process of changing one’s name slightly easier. It is, apparently, the only way I can assume my husband’s name in addition to my own. BUT! Your site has so much really useful information, but can I add something I don’t remember reading? It’s not a legal necessity to enrol a name change; it took me a while to work this out, including speaking to the unhelpful MoJ. Not meant as a criticism, but to make the site the best it can be.

    Keep up the good work, and many many thanks.

  22. Terry 3 years ago

    Hi Dan.
    I have used your website already and it works a treat. Will it be up and running again soon ?
    I really need to buy you a beer. .

    • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

      Thanks. I hope so! I’ve had a few technical hurdles after an upgrade to the server, but I hope to bring it back up again within the next couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Terry 3 years ago

        Can you let us know how to donate to your beer fund.

        • Scatman Dan 3 years ago

          That’s very sweet of you; but if you genuinely feel like the service was good enough to pay for, please consider giving a donation to your local branch of Samaritans or to the Great North Air Ambulance. They need your money more than my beer fund does!

  23. Kal-El 3 years ago

    Hey there. Love the site and thankyou for providing this service. Just wanted to know about people under 18 changing they’re name by deed poll as I presume you wouldn’t use this form as its for 18+. My sister is 17 and would like to change her name and I just wanted to find out information for doing this for her. Many thanks.

  24. Lou A 2 years ago

    Hi Dan, I would like to change my 3 year old’s surname but none of the free sites that I have found cater for this. Is it possible? All the best, Lou

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      The next version of the website will support changing of children’s names. Sorry it doesn’t yet!

      • Jin 2 years ago

        Is it worth waiting for the next version of the website or is it better to pay for an agency/website to do it? I only ask because it’s mentioned in an online article somewhere that it’s more complex to change a child’s name with the do-it-yourself approach. Any advice? We (wife and I) just want to add a middle name to our son’s name

  25. Shaun 2 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    an employee of mine has just produced her deed poll to us

    she want to be known as £$^^^OLLLa 123¬¬¬¬ this it not pronounceable

    could you please only allow the alphabet when people complete your form



    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      Thanks for the tip, Shaun/Jimmy. I’ll try to include that in the next version. It’s not quite so simple, though, as accented letters, apostrophes, and hyphens are acceptable elements in a name (e.g. Siân O’Reilly Smith-Klein), and the site already indicates the necessity for pronounceability and the use of the Latin alphabet.

      You have no obligation to accept your employee’s deed poll, given that she’s not met those criteria, as far as I am aware.

  26. Simon 2 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    Do you know if your witnesses can be husband and wife.?


    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      I can’t think of any reason why not, so long as there’s no risk that they could be accused of colluding to coerce you into signing the document (after which they’d be able to back each other up and claim you signed it of your own free will). Same as with any other witnesses, really.

  27. karla 2 years ago

    hi i want to change my sons surname me n his dad both give our consent but do we have to pay to do this? any help will be great thank you.

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      It’s quite possible to change a child’s name for free, too. However, my website doesn’t have a template for this (yet! – it will in the next version, which is long-overdue: I’ve been busy with a new kid of our own to look after!). A quick Google found several templates, such as this one, which might meet your needs. Good luck!

  28. Zoë 2 years ago

    Hi Dan! I’ve used your template twice now, the first time after separation but before divorce, more recently to save the expense of a wedding

    • Zoë 2 years ago

      Changing your name to that of your husband type person doesn’t give you the legal rights that marriage does though, so for that reason we splashed out on a will which was drawn up by a solicitor.

      • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

        Indeed, you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately it isn’t always possible in the UK to gain all the same rights as a married couple without actually being married, simply by having a solicitor draw up some documents – for example, the rules about parental rights and responsibilities are complicated (and there are occasionally cases where the law takes a side that is contrary to the wishes of everybody involved!) but having a will is still a great idea.

        And changing your name by deed poll rather than by marriage is a great way to symbolise your relationship (I’ve done the same myself, and I’ve helped many others to do so, too): well done!

  29. Zak 2 years ago

    Hi Dan!
    I’ve searched everywhere on Google and I can’t seem to find any clear template or set wording for a child’s deed poll. I understand you are probably working on making a child’s deed poll form for your website. But, for now, please just advise me what else I should add or delete from the the adult deed poll template you’ve designed.
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Zak 2 years ago

      Just in case you need it, we’re two responsible parents. Thanks again.

  30. Alex 2 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    I’m a naturalised British Citizen. I’m trying to create my own deedpoll but I’m a bit confused on which section applies to me on the British Nationality Act 1981?
    Hope you can advice.

    • Waley 2 years ago

      I presume it will be under Section 6(1).

  31. Suzy Williamson 2 years ago

    Hi, I was really disappointed that the Natwest bank (Cirencester branch) would not accept the free deed poll. They apparently checked with their legal department and will only accept a deed poll that has been drawn up by a solicitor. This would set me back £75 +VAT!

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      I’ve heard a few bad things about NatWest, lately, which is bizarre because some of their branches (including mine!) have accepted deeds poll made by my tool without complaint. Suggest that you get government ID (e.g. passport, driving license) changed first, then go back to your bank with your new photographic government ID and explain to them that if you were to open a NEW bank account in your new name, then they’d let you… so why won’t they let you change the name on your existing account?

      If they still cause trouble, ask to speak to the branch manager and re-explain the situation. Point out that every other bank on the high street would be more than happy to open an account for you in the name that now appears on your driving license, passport, bills etc., and ask if he or she would prefer that you bank with them, instead. Then, in the unlikely event that they haven’t seen sense – go elsewhere: you don’t want to be banking with somebody who doesn’t understand your rights as a British citizen anyway.

      You might also like to show them this article from the Guardian, for which a representative of NatWest stated on the record that deeds poll created by were acceptable.

  32. Claire Montrose 2 years ago

    Hi, I’ve yet to present my free deedpoll. After my first divorce in 1990 I chose my own surname which was a legal name change – Montrose. I married again in 1996 but the marriage ended in 2009. As back up I still have my original deed poll from all those years ago and the Decree Absolute for both dissolved marriages, however, I’ve heard that only a deed poll would secure me changing my name back to Montrose. Does a “seal” really make that much difference as my first deed poll which a solicitor drew up is SO BASIC anyone could have forged it and it has no seal!

    P.S. Thank you for your advice.

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      There’s no need for a seal on a deed. And generally, there’d be no value in forging a deed of name change, because it’s (basically) useless to anybody but you: all it is is a personal declaration that you’ll be using your new name (and expecting others to do the same) from now on – it’s only of any use to an identity thief who’s already capable of impersonating you perfectly (and for some reason wants to do so under a different name!).

      A deed poll is the simplest and best way for you to change your name to your maiden name or to any other name you want. Give a go, and let me know how you get on! Good luck!

  33. E Brown 2 years ago

    I am British Citizen and I wish to change my name by deed poll but I am not sure under which clause. I got married to a British Citizen in 1993 but acquire my British Citizenship in 2002. Do I apply as a normal deed poll?

  34. Pazuzu 2 years ago


    I would like to change my title to “Mx”, when filling in the form do I just write the new and old titles in with my names?

    Thanks for making the site, looks really useful :-)

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      You don’t need a deed poll to change your title: you can use any title you like, so long as it doesn’t imply a position or qualification you do not hold (e.g. you cannot legally call yourself Dr., Cpl., etc.). If you want to be known as Mx, then just start doing so. I myself use Mx. as my title in a handful of places.

      If you really want, you can fill out a deed poll just as you describe, and some places – especially those which don’t acknowledge Mx. as a valid title – may appreciate this extra effort. Most folks don’t mention a title on their deeds poll at all, but there’s no reason that you can’t do exactly as you describe.

      In short: 1. You don’t need to, just start using Mx. 2. But if you really want to, then yes, do exactly what you describe.

      • Pazuzu 2 years ago

        Thanks! :-) am changing my name as well so will do that, might be useful to have on there.

        • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

          I’m not familiar with the legal requirements to calling yourself Captain in your title. Certainly, attaining that rank in the military would do so! It might be sufficient to simply be in charge of a vessel. I honestly don’t know. Again, titles are somewhat fluid and you don’t need a deed to change; the only relevant laws prohibit fraud, so I would speculate that it’s illegal to use the title “Captain” only if you do so in order to imply to anybody that you are a Captain (by any definition of the word).

          But I’m not a lawyer: I only really know my way around a couple of specific areas of law, and fraud isn’t one of them. I’m afraid you’ll need to do your own research, or consult a legal professional, for that bit.

  35. Pazuzu 2 years ago

    P.S. What would I need to legally get the title “Capn”?

  36. Becca Furnivall 2 years ago

    Hi Dan, thanks for this site. I am also looking to change my kids names, can I do this the same way as an adult can?

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      Hi Becca,

      I’m afraid not; but there are templates available for children’s names. I’ll email you more details.

      • Alex 2 years ago

        Hi Dan, excellent website by the way! We have to change one letter in our surname, 3 adults and 3 children. Could you kindly email some info about templates for changing the children’s surnames please? We were going to have to pay a small fortune for all of us, until I came across your website. Many thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you

    • Zak 2 years ago

      FOR A CHILD, do the following. [Instructions on how to edit document below]

      – REPLACE THIS –
      “made by myself the undersigned [New Name] of [Address] formerly known as [Old Name]”

      “made by ourselves the undersigned [Mother’s Name] (mother) and [Father’s Name] (father) of [Address], on behalf of our [son/daughter] [Child’s New Name] formerly known as [Child’s Old Name]”

      “made by myself the undersigned [Mother/Father’s Name] (mother/father) of [Address], on behalf of my [son/daughter] [Child’s New Name] formerly known as [Child’s Old Name]”


      – REPLACE THIS –
      “I ABSOLUTELY and entirely renounce”…

      “WE ABSOLUTELY and entirely, on behalf of our said [son/daughter], renounce”…

      “I ABSOLUTELY and entirely, on behalf of my said [son/daughter], renounce”…


      – REPLACE THIS –
      “I SHALL AT ALL TIMES hereafter, in all records”…

      “WE SHALL AT ALL TIMES hereafter, on behalf of our said [son/daughter], in all records”…

      “I SHALL AT ALL TIMES hereafter, on behalf of my said [son/daughter], in all records”…


      – REPLACE THIS –
      “I AUTHORISE AND REQUIRE all persons at all times to designate, describe, and address me by the adopted name of [New Name]”

      “WE AUTHORISE AND REQUIRE, on behalf of our said [son/daughter], that all persons at all times designate, describe, and address [him/her] by the adopted name of [Child’s New Name]”

      “I AUTHORISE AND REQUIRE, on behalf of my said [son/daughter], that all persons at all times designate, describe, and address [him/her] by the adopted name of [Child’s New Name]”


      – REPLACE THIS –
      “IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto subscribed my adopted and substituted name of [New Name] and also my said former name of [Old Name].”

      “IN WITNESS whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names, [Mother’s Name] and [Father’s name] on behalf of the above named [Child’s New Name].”

      “IN WITNESS whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name, [Mother’s Name] on behalf of the above named [Child’s New Name].”


      – REPLACE THIS –
      “by the above name
      [New Name]”
      “by the above name
      [Old Name]”

      “by the above name
      [Mother’s Name]”
      “by the above name
      [Father’s Name]”

      “by the above name
      [Mother/Father’s Name]”
      [Delete the “Old Name” signature line]

      NOTE: To edit the PDF document, save/download it to your computer and open it using MS Word; it’ll be automatically converted. The signature boxes might be a little messed up. If so, just delete them and create your own ones using tables and borders or using shapes.

      Thanks to Dan.

      • Stacey 2 years ago

        does this work in the case of a child with three people who all have parental responsibility? (mother, father, step father)

        • Zakir Zafar 2 years ago

          My hypothesis is that it should, but I’m no expert and I haven’t done what you describe. Ofcourse, you must add a third parent’s name.
          I came to this site after half a year. It’s quite a coincidence that you asked this just 5 days ago.

  37. Nikkix 2 years ago

    Hey I live in Scotland and wanted to change both of my sons surnames and delete middle names how do I go about doing this? I’m so confused by it all, also can you have this changed on your child’s birth certificate? My kids have my surname and I want them changed to their fathers surname

    Thank you

  38. Lisa f 78 2 years ago

    Hi dan I’m having issues trying to find a template to change my childrens surname can you help ?
    I have sole responsibility for them and am changing my surname into my partners surname please could you help me
    thanks in advance x

  39. Thomas 2 years ago

    Hey Dan, first of all thanks for this great service and for spreading the word about how easy it is to change your name with out being ripped off. I will be printing off my deedpoll using your template this week. First though I have a couple of queries.

    a) does it not matter about the witnesses postcode, will the deedpoll still get accepted by dvla etc with just a street name and town?

    b) does the deedpoll need to have some sort of red sticker/seal from a stationers?


  40. LEAH CROUCHER 2 years ago

    Hi i want to change my childrens names, i have sole responibility for one joint for the other (with fathers consent) how do i do this myself? Thanks

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      Another visitor has posted a template, available at, which explains what to change to make a deed poll from my site suitable for children: perhaps give that a go?

      A later version of the site, still under construction, will one day automate the process for you, but for now that comment is your best bet, I suspect.

  41. Jo 2 years ago

    Hi, I’m getting married this year but don’t want to lose my maiden name completely! So I will have my partners surname however wanted to have my maiden name added as a middle name. Can I do this using your free deed poll? Also can I have it dated on the wedding date? So that I can then sign my marriage certificate and deed poll on same day? Thanks v much :)

    • Scatman Dan 2 years ago

      I’ll reply by email.

    • Jo 2 years ago

      Maintaining your Maiden Name as a Middle Name-

      Thanks for your reply. However, I’ve just found out that using maiden name as a middle name – you don’t need to change by deed poll! You can make this change on your marriage certificate… And that is acceptable for passport/dvla and banks. So don’t need to do this after all, can just use marriage certificate to change maiden name to middle name :)

  42. Elise E 2 years ago

    A big thank you to you Dan! I used your free template to change my name. I am currently expecting a child with my current partner and, while we can’t currently afford the wedding we’d like, we want to all share the same surname when our child is born. Thanks to you I didn’t have to waste my money on one of these companies claiming to be ‘official’, and my diy deed poll has been accepted by DVLA, both my banks, car finance company and, while it is still in processing, have been told that it will be accepted for my new passport too. Absolutely delighted!! :)

  43. Greg 2 years ago

    Hi and thanks for the service, I nearly paid for it! I’ve noticed on the normal deed poll that it quotes “section 37(1) of the British Nationailty Act” however when I look to do it through the Ministry of Justice it says to use “section 1(1)”. Please can you check this?

  44. siama 2 years ago

    Hi Dan. Thank you so much for a wonderful site.
    I will definitely donate to the Samaritans and the Great North Air Ambulance!
    Just wanted to ask- I want to change the first name of my baby are these deed polls accepted outside of the UK?

    • Author
      Dan Q 2 years ago

      I’m afraid that I can’t answer that conclusively, but in short: I wouldn’t rely on it. The value of a deed poll is in showing your commitment to your new name, so that you can subsequently acquire strong primary sources of identification (such as passports, driving licenses, doctor’s records, bank accounts etc.) in your new name; these in turn are very-widely accepted outside of the UK. Hope that helps.

  45. Frustrated 2 years ago

    I’ve used this service for lots of places, including the banks. The 2 places that keep refusing it (and costing me a fortune in the mean time) is the Passport Office and DVLA. They’re both stating it needs to be signed by a solicitor or notary public. Any hints? The amount it’s cost me in postage it’d have been cheaper to pay for a deed poll, but I don’t want to on principle now. DVLA will accept a change of name if my passport changes so I just need the Passport Office to apply their rules consistently.

  46. Frustrated 2 years ago

    (Did my previous comment get eaten? Sorry if this appears twice!)

    I’ve used this service for lots of places, including the banks. The 2 places that keep refusing it (and costing me a fortune in the mean time) is the Passport Office and DVLA. They’re both stating it needs to be signed by a solicitor or notary public. Any hints? The amount it’s cost me in postage it’d have been cheaper to pay for a deed poll, but I don’t want to on principle now. DVLA will accept a change of name if my passport changes so I just need the Passport Office to apply their rules consistently.

  47. Amelia turner 2 years ago

    Hi, I have sole parental responsibility of my son & am wanting to change his surname. Any advise on how to do this please? Struggling to find the relevant form online. Thank you.

  48. James Cassidy 2 years ago

    Any ideas when the site will be back up?
    I just keep getting messages about it being moved?

  49. Claire C 2 years ago

    Hi Dan,
    Just want to say a big thank you. Everything has been changed without question.

  50. Ben Sagal 2 years ago

    I am a UK-born British citizen but not currently resident in the UK. What changes do i need to make to the deed poll text? for instance the ” in the County of” is not applicable?

    Thank you

  51. Katie Stephens 2 years ago

    Hello, I’m sure you have answered this question a million times but the government website suggests I will need to pay £102 for a certificate so that I can change my name on my passport. Is this wrong?



    • Author
      Dan Q 2 years ago

      Yes, that’s wrong. Many people have used cheaper (tens of pounds) or free (like mine) deeds poll in order to change their name. However, note that you will have to pay to renew your passport (currently between £46 and £85.50), as normal, and while you’ll be credited with extra lifespan on it if your old one hasn’t expired yet, this caps out at 9 months, so if your existing passport has more than 9 months left on it then you will end up losing out slightly. However, the deed poll itself is free.

  52. Josh 1 year ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for taking the time to make this. I will certainly be using it. One thing I’ve noticed from other [free or otherwise] providers is that they tend to note the occupation of the signed witnesses. Is this something that you’d consider adding onto your Deed Poll generator?

  53. Mo 1 year ago

    Hey man,

    Thanks for your free tool, I hope that everyone who has benefited from this prays for you.


  54. moz 1 year ago

    Hi.. I’m trying to change my daughter’s surname back to the one on her birth certificate. The Solicitor is quoting £75 +vat for the privilege. Then a further 300 for registering it As the original deed poll back in 2002 was registered and apparently this needs to be too. Can an ordinary deed poll I do myself suffice? I can’t seem to find a child template online.

  55. Silv 1 year ago

    I generated a deed poll from your website today and it seems that my Postcode and Section number of the British Nationality Act are missing from the first paragraph.

    Is this your intention? Will you in anytime soon provide an updated version of your tool adding these information on?


  56. Kyle 1 year ago

    Hi I am trying to get a template for a child’s deed poll as I lost my original from 3 years ago. Have you been able to sort out getting one available? Many Thanks Kyle

  57. Reese 1 year ago

    Dear Dan,
    I’ve seen many people asking you. What about if they’re not British citizens. In my case legl just not british naturalised yet. Can we still use you’re website to legally change my name and my children’s names?!

    I look forward to hear from from you.

  58. Reese 1 year ago

    Dear Dan,
    I’ve seen many people asking you. What about if they’re not British citizens. In my case legl just not british naturalised yet. Can we still use you’re website to legally change my name and my children’s names?!

    I look forward to hear from you Dan.

    Kind regards

  59. Hiya 12 months ago

    Hi I have two little girls they both have double barrelled surnames but I want to remove one and just leave mine I have written consent from there dad just can’t seem to find any ways for a child deed poll that’s free. I don’t mind paying just wanted to make sure it was legit or if you know any ways that is legit please

  60. harry 12 months ago

    Hi Dan

    Great job you’re doing here. As many above I need a change if name deed for a child. Would really appreciate if you have any thanks.


  61. Stef 12 months ago

    Hi Dan,

    Great site my man, thank you!

    Dan, l think l have a problem, about forty years ago l changed my name, partly as l hated my father and didn’t psychologically, want to be any part of him. However, as this was done so very long ago, lve completely lost the original (£25, in the 70’s) Deed Poll and the solicitor is dead.

    Am l allowed to changed my name again please?

    Finally if l do change by Deed Poll can l use an Arabic name as lve just converted to lslam.

    I’ve donated to GNAA btw as a way of thanking you.

    Best wishes, Stef.

  62. Rachel 12 months ago

    Hi. I am also interested in changing my childrens names. All help greatly appreciated!!!

  63. rockmittens 11 months ago

    Hi can you help me change my daughters name with this deed pole template? Thank you.

  64. Rockmittens 11 months ago

    Hi can you help me change my daughters name by deed poll? Thankyou!

  65. Sam Olu 10 months ago

    Do I need two witnesses specifically or is one enough?

  66. Paula 9 months ago

    Hi, I am helping a friend change their son’s surname, I have completed the form and printed out but its asking for a signature for the child. As he is only 4 what do we do here please would they need to pay on a different site? Thanks

  67. sam 8 months ago

    how can I change my child’s name? I cant seem to find a way to do it here

  68. Jaakko Nevasto 8 months ago

    Thank you for this and apologies if these questions have already been covered:
    – Can EU nationals change their name in the UK exactly as British nationals?
    – Can banks demand government registered deed polls, or are they legally required to accept my own deed poll?

  69. Liam 7 months ago

    I’ve just tried this at Natwest and they’ve refused me. I explained to them that it’s all legal and they say it has to be “registered” to be accepted. Same goes for DVLA. I’m at a loss.

  70. Liam 7 months ago

    Hope you’re all good now? Anything up the penis can’t be good :/

  71. North 6 months ago

    Hi Dan

    I found your free deedpole application via the interesting Guardian article.
    I would just like to ask you if Lloyds bank will accept this free deedpole? I ask because I noticed some comments here which suggested that HSBC have refused this deedpole.
    I recently phoned lloyds twice, and neither assistant fully understood. They simply said “we requier an official deedpole”.
    I just don’t want things to become problematic with agencies not accepting this dedpole once I start the ball rolling.


    • North 6 months ago

      Following on from my previous commment: Today I went into a Lloyds branch and they confirmed they don’t accept deedpoles made by oneself, only official deedpoles with the official red crest or something, which you send off for via I asked to speak to someone else and I even explained the Guardian article, but I got the same answer.

      This is pretty gutting news. If I go through, details of the name change are publicly recorded, which I don’t want to happen.

      I honestly don’t understand what I have to do. My name certainly doesn’t feel like my own :(

  72. Jo 4 months ago

    Hi Dan

    Do you know is a deed poll has to be signed by 2 witnesses or is 1 acceptable?
    Also does the signature and date need to be in ink to make it ‘legal’

  73. Ahmad 1 month ago

    can I get a template to change my 8 years son name please?

  74. Abijah laurie 2 weeks ago

    Amazing website you have ,your helping a lot of people. :)
    I want to change my daughter middle name she’s nearly 5 years old :) and will i he able to change this on her birth certificate ? please could i have a template .

  75. steve skelton 3 years ago

    every time i try and save or open the generated deed poll all i get is a long stream of code NO DEED POLL.

  76. Scatman Dan 3 years ago

    Sorry you’re having difficulty. It sounds likely that your web browser is not correctly-configured to show a PDF file, and so it’s rendering the PDF file’s internal code right out into your browser window.

    Could you try using a different web browser? Meanwhile, I’ll look into a way of making the tool a bit smarter to help people in your position better in future.

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