Technical is powered by:

  • Bloq, a set of components providing custom functionality (I’ll aim to start open-sourcing them at some point!),
  • WordPress, the world’s most-popular open source blogging software, running Q23, a custom theme
  • HTML5, CSS3, and a tiny amount of Javascript
  • Listmonk, the mailing list manager
  • No analytics whatsoever


Text is set in Raleway by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida.


“Brand” colours are #155a93, #1d6fb4, #95b8b8, and #c5eded.

Style Guide

I’ve not always been consistent in the application of my style guide, but – mostly for my own reference – I keep some notes here to help me do so:

  • British English spelling, except when talking about technical topics that require a different dialect (most programming languages use US English spelling for keywords)
  • Posts are titled in title case
  • Titles of creative works such as the titles of books and films are set in italics
  • If in doubt, drop the hyphen, e.g. “email”, “rewatch”, except to improve readability e.g. between double letters (“re-engage”)
  • Quotation marks used in UK style (punctuation outside), unless for technical or readability reasons
  • Acronyms, especially uncommon ones, marked up with <abbr title="..."> tags
  • No strong opinion on the “Oxford” serial comma; use it or not depending on what reads-best at the time
  • Numbers one through twelve usually written longhand, larger numbers usually written in arabic digits, exceptions made to ensure “consistent” usage within a sentence
  • Aim for WCAG AA accessibility