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  • Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)
    Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)

    Dan's stuck in bed while he recovers following a medical issue. But while his body's recovering, he's been occupying his brain by writing software to visually approximate the digits of pi!

  • Supermarket “price match” deals are marketing genius
    Supermarket “price match” deals are marketing genius

    Almost five years ago, Sainsbury's supermarkets started giving you vouchers to the value of how much cheaper your shopping might have been elsewhere. That's a win for the consumer, right? Not even remotely, says Dan.

  • Solar Power, part 2
    Solar Power, part 2

    Last year, Dan had solar panels installed on his roof. Four months on, he takes a look at how much money they're saving (and generating) for him and his tribe.

  • EEBO-TCP Hackathon
    EEBO-TCP Hackathon

    Last month, Dan attended the EEBO-TCP hackathon, and worked alongside humanities researchers to collaborate on software that extracted previously unexplored data out of 25,000 recently-digitised 15th-17th century texts.