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  • Post-It Minesweeper
    Post-It Minesweeper

    Dan implements a computer program to help him make a Post-It-based version of a computer program. Then sticks it to a computer.

  • Anniversary at Wriggles Brook
    Anniversary at Wriggles Brook

    A few weeks ago Ruth and Dan celebrated their eighth anniversary in a gypsy caravan at Wriggles Book, Herefordshire, and had an amazing time.

  • The Bladder Monster
    The Bladder Monster

    Complications associated with a series of urinary tract infections cause Dan a stay in the hospital and a long battle with the bladder monster. Eww.

  • Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)
    Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)

    Dan's stuck in bed while he recovers following a medical issue. But while his body's recovering, he's been occupying his brain by writing software to visually approximate the digits of pi!