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  • Steer! An Experimental Canvas/Websocket Game
    Steer! An Experimental Canvas/Websocket Game

    Left alone to look after a conference stand, Dan implements a browser-based video game prototype called Steer! in which the player uses their mobile phone to control a speeding car.

  • Tomorrow’s Web, Today
    Tomorrow’s Web, Today

    Feeling optimistic about the technical future of the Web, Dan finds the opportunity to hack about with some promising new tools: Intersection Observers, Web Workers, Blobs, and the Fetch API.

  • What Does Jack FM Sound Like?
    What Does Jack FM Sound Like?

    Does Jack FM, Dan's favourite local radio station, always play the same old stuff? Let's find out with the help of some data mining...

  • A Suitable Blog
    A Suitable Blog

    Dan writes the 594,000th (surviving) word in his blog, making it longer than virtually every novel, and reveals that his family will be getting a little larger this year.