• From bottom to top: potato waffle, cheese, potato waffle, egg, tomato ketchup.

    Health. Food.

    12 February, 2015

    You can tell when Dan's recovering from illness, because he starts craving the most otherwise-disgusting foodstuffs. Here's a recipe...

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  • La Chapelle Notre-Dame des Neiges, near Montagny, as seen across the valley from La Nouvaz

    The Right Place At The Right Time

    6 February, 2015

    While hunting for an Alpine geocache, Dan discovers two lost hikers and rescues them from a blizzard.

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  • Three checkboxes -


    13 December, 2014

    Where organisations that have no reason to discriminate based on gender ask for Dan's title, he usually gives Mx. Or, if that's not an option, something even more unusual...

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  • Solar Power, part 1

    8 December, 2014

    Solar power is awesome. That's why Dan looked at the roof of the house he co-owns with Ruth and JTA and said, "You know what this needs - solar panels."

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  • JTA and Ruth at the supermarket after shoping before Murder... At The Magic College

    Means-Assessed Household Finances (Socialism Begins At Home!)

    12 October, 2014

    For the last four years, Ruth, Dan, JTA, and those who've lived with them have used a system of means-assessment to fairly share the burden of their household finances. Now, Dan makes their model available to you to copy, use, and expand upon. Socialism begins at home.

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  • The completed pizza cake, ready to be sliced.

    Pizza Cake

    4 October, 2014

    When you make a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a pizza, and bake them together, you get... pizza cake. Which sadly sounds (and smells) better than it is.

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  • A 2-year-old using a MacBook. Photograph copyright Donnie Ray Jones, used under Creative Commons license.

    Teaching Kids to Code – Why It Matters

    28 September, 2014

    Teaching children to program computers should be seen as being about making a new generation of computer programmers. It should be seen as an essential ingredient in making intellectual, fluent adults of tomorrow who can understand computers, not just "use" them.

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  • Dan holds up a card for a spectator.

    Secrets of Magic

    24 September, 2014

    Do you know the secret of magic? The secret of magic isn't, as many people think, secrets, but something else entirely...

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