• Twee2 – Interactive Fiction Authoring for Geeks

    22 October, 2015

    To the complete lack of surprise of anybody who knows him, Dan found a single tiny flaw in a piece of software, and reacted by reimplementing that software from scratch. Twee2 is his attempt to make it possible for people to write Twine 2-style interactive fiction from a command-line interface.

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  • Cystoscopy equipment, ready for insertion.

    Into the Lair of the Bladder Monster

    18 September, 2015

    Following his recent illness, Dan undergoes a variety of investigative procedures, including having a fibreoptic bundle inserted into bladder... via his penis!

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  • Post-It Minesweeper

    15 September, 2015

    Dan implements a computer program to help him make a Post-It-based version of a computer program. Then sticks it to a computer.

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  • Anniversary at Wriggles Brook

    29 August, 2015

    A few weeks ago Ruth and Dan celebrated their eighth anniversary in a gypsy caravan at Wriggles Book, Herefordshire, and had an amazing time.

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  • Dan, shortly before inpatient admission but already recovering from the worst parts of his hospital visit, last week.

    The Bladder Monster

    24 June, 2015

    Complications associated with a series of urinary tract infections cause Dan a stay in the hospital and a long battle with the bladder monster. Eww.

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  • Calculating Pi (when you’re ill)

    14 June, 2015

    Dan's stuck in bed while he recovers following a medical issue. But while his body's recovering, he's been occupying his brain by writing software to visually approximate the digits of pi!

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  • A Sainsbury's Brand Match voucher advising that my shopping was 1p cheaper than the competition. In total. Photo with thanks to Brett Jordan, used under a Creative Commons license.

    Supermarket “price match” deals are marketing genius

    9 June, 2015

    Almost five years ago, Sainsbury's supermarkets started giving you vouchers to the value of how much cheaper your shopping might have been elsewhere. That's a win for the consumer, right? Not even remotely, says Dan.

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  • Solar Power, part 2

    12 May, 2015

    Last year, Dan had solar panels installed on his roof. Four months on, he takes a look at how much money they're saving (and generating) for him and his tribe.

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