• Filling in an Equifax registration form.

    GMail Tip: Use A Plus Sign To Avoid Spam

    26 September, 2017

    Surely everybody by now knows that you can use a plus sign in your GMail address to dodge spam and improve email filtering. Wait, some people don't? Let's fix that.

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  • Fnorders

    13 September, 2017

    He's been kept away from blogging by Complicated Life Stuff, but that didn't stop Dan from making a thing.

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  • Players fight a basilisk across a paper RPG map.

    Stones Under Yetzin

    5 June, 2017

    Dan's been running a roleplaying campaign for a few friends, and now that campaign's got it's own blog (not to mention a suite of companion apps, because... well, it's Dan).

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  • Annabel plays dead after

    Playing Dead – Toddlers Gone Weird

    26 May, 2017

    At the request of a toddler, Dan spends an afternoon repeatedly re-enacting the circumstances of his father's death.

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  • AMP Is Poisonous

    19 May, 2017

    AMP, Google's technology that tries to make the mobile web faster by giving Google a monopoly over it, is fucking poisonous and it destroys everything that makes the Web great. Reject AMP!

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  • Annabel is awed by the size of a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

    Science! (for toddlers)

    5 May, 2017

    Nobody is too young for science! Dan shares some of his toddler-friendly science activities.

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  • The Long Tail of an Abusive Relationship

    30 April, 2017

    Even the tamest of abusive relationships can have an impact that lasts for years or decades. Dan shares a facet of his experience.

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  • Steer! An Experimental Canvas/Websocket Game

    28 April, 2017

    Left alone to look after a conference stand, Dan implements a browser-based video game prototype called Steer! in which the player uses their mobile phone to control a speeding car.

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