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Dan Q found GC1BQK0 Pendle Summit

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A very easy find (with spot-on coordinates fed good sky views to ensure a solid lock) for fleeblewidget and I late this morning, after a hot hit satisfying ascent up the Big End. TFTC.

Shortly afterwards we met Steve Taylor (pictured) carrying a bathtub up the hill! Turns out he’s planning to do this 45+ times over the course of the next few weeks in order to raise money to fight Cystic Fibrosis! We promised to sponsor a couple of rubber ducks for hours bathtub upon our return to our accommodation.

Steve Taylor climbing Pendle Hill carrying a bathtub for at least the second time this morning.

Map of 53.867983,-2.299833

Dan Q found GC1HW0N Penhul Hyll

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My partner fleeblewidget and I are celebrating 14 years together as a couple with a glamping holiday near Sawley and took the opportunity to climb up Pendle Hill this morning. I’ve many fond memories of taking this route with my father, when he was alive, and it’s interesting to be able to see how, just on the timescales of my own life, the shape of this hillside has changed owing to smaller landslides. Lower down, for example, human-caused erosion (picture attached) has damaged our destroyed paths I used to take, and new fences encourage climbers onto alternative routes. We also observed evidence (picture attached) of an older landslide, with a cliff of relatively new earth exposed where there clearly used to be a grassy/rocky slope.

Views were very good today and we could just about make out what we assume is the Ribble estuary in the distance from near the summit. A great and enjoyable expedition. Picture of the two of us at the trig point attached. TFTC.

Map of 53.868483,-2.298633

Dan Q found GC46ZR0 B-by-B 3 feet and rising

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My partner fleeblewidget and I are staying at nearby Calder Farm to celebrate our anniversary and took a walk this afternoon to find this cache. Only around 300m as the crow flies from the GZ we figured this would be a quick expedition, but there’s no convenient path down to the riverside from where we are. Our first attempt at an approach took us to the North end of the footpath, but this seems to be through a garden centre/nursery that’s closed, and we couldn’t confirm whether or not the public footpath was open “through” or despite this, so we doubled go past our accommodation and approached from the South instead, ultimately resulting in a ~2km walk to and from the GZ!

Coordinates seemed off by about 5m based on my GPSr and phone, but the hint pointed us towards the obvious candidate and the cache was easily visible (although a bit of a stretch to reach!). Log had been inserted deep into the tube rather than the lid of the container and we struggled to extract it but got there in the end (we put it back in the lid for the benefit of the next cacher). TFTC.

Map of 53.94485,-2.333683

Dan Q couldn’t find GC6AMEH The Numerical Meander 3

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Made an extended search but had to give up. After a while I checked the hint which gave a strong clue as to what I should be looking for, but still no luck. Then checked past logs which seem to imply that the hint should be ignored? Wish I’d read them first! I’ve run out of time to spare on this expedition and had to turn back. Ah well.

Map of 53.1663,-1.564683

Dan Q found GC1Y6GZ One Giant Step

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Greetings from Oxfordshire! I’m staying in the holiday park just East of here as part of the first of a three week holiday (taken in an attempt to “make up” for holidays cancelled over the last year and a half owing to The Situation). I figured it’d be an easy and relatively direct hike from there to here, but I’d not counted on the work underway at the moment by the Forestry Commission! Several diverted footpaths later I finally found this “giant step”! Took Paul the Seahorse TB, SL, TFTC.

Map of 53.180133,-1.566933

Dan Q found GC11KP7 C.O.D. Guardhouse

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Stopped at the nearby Co-Op while driving back to our holiday accommodation after a bit of a walk over the hills around Upper Padley. While my partner fleeblewidget went into the shop (I’d forgotten my mask) I checked for any nearby geocaches and found this interesting curiosity! GPS coordinates spot on and the cache was quickly found. TFTC!

Map of 53.247883,-1.6248

Dan Q found GC811W7 SideTracked – Uttoxeter

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Passing through town I stopped to charge my car near Waitrose (pictured!), and as it filled up the battery tank I wandered over to find this cache. Coordinates might be off – my GPSr had me at the wrong side of the road! – but the hint was solid and after a little feeling-about free cache was in hand. TFTC.

Dan points to his car, plugged in to a charger.

Map of 52.896667,-1.8601