• Players fight a basilisk across a paper RPG map.

    Stones Under Yetzin

    5 June, 2017

    Dan's been running a roleplaying campaign for a few friends, and now that campaign's got it's own blog (not to mention a suite of companion apps, because... well, it's Dan).

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  • Annabel plays dead after

    Playing Dead – Toddlers Gone Weird

    26 May, 2017

    At the request of a toddler, Dan spends an afternoon repeatedly re-enacting the circumstances of his father's death.

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  • AMP Is Poisonous

    19 May, 2017

    AMP, Google's technology that tries to make the mobile web faster by giving Google a monopoly over it, is fucking poisonous and it destroys everything that makes the Web great. Reject AMP!

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  • Annabel is awed by the size of a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

    Science! (for toddlers)

    5 May, 2017

    Nobody is too young for science! Dan shares some of his toddler-friendly science activities.

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  • The Long Tail of an Abusive Relationship

    30 April, 2017

    Even the tamest of abusive relationships can have an impact that lasts for years or decades. Dan shares a facet of his experience.

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  • Steer! An Experimental Canvas/Websocket Game

    28 April, 2017

    Left alone to look after a conference stand, Dan implements a browser-based video game prototype called Steer! in which the player uses their mobile phone to control a speeding car.

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  • Ben Foxall at Render Conf 2017 discusses the accompanying JSOxford Hackathon.

    Tomorrow’s Web, Today

    19 April, 2017

    Feeling optimistic about the technical future of the Web, Dan finds the opportunity to hack about with some promising new tools: Intersection Observers, Web Workers, Blobs, and the Fetch API.

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  • Jack FM: Artist Frequency

    What Does Jack FM Sound Like?

    13 March, 2017

    Does Jack FM, Dan's favourite local radio station, always play the same old stuff? Let's find out with the help of some data mining...

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