Dan Q is a forty-something geek-of-many-hats. He lives in Oxford with his partner and her husband in V-shaped, open, polyamorous relationship along with their two children. The three of them met at Aberystwyth where, at some point or another, they were all students.

In 2002 he launched Three Rings, a secure web-based volunteer and rota management system for charities and other voluntary organisations. It’s now used by tens of thousands of volunteers around the globe and support charities that you’ve probably heard of (as well as some you probably haven’t): it’s the longest-running system of its type in the world.

In October 2019 he started working for Automattic after 8½ years with the academic libraries of the University of Oxford. Since the early 2000s, he’s done voluntary work with Three Rings, on emotional support helplines and related services, and providing coaching/programming training for minorities underrepresented in tech.

He enjoys  a variety of computer-related pursuits, performing magic, collecting and playing board games, and geo*ing.

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