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  • On This Day In 2005

    4 May, 2012

    On this day in 2005, Dan received an unusual parcel. No, you're not reading the same post twice... this...

  • Hash Abnib

    25 June, 2011

    Abnib Chat didn't catch on this time around. Dan is unsurprised, but tries to understand the reasons anyway.

  • Abnib Lives On

    1 June, 2011

    After receiving complaints, Dan goes back on his decision to let Abnib die, and revitalises it with a new...

  • The Death of Abnib

    30 May, 2011

    Next month, Abnib will die. If you're still using it, you really ought to read and pay attention to...

  • Dan’s April Fools’ Jokes This Year

    1 April, 2010

    After JTA and I’s monster plan for a great April Fools’ joke got rained-off this year (maybe another year),...

  • Claire Goes To Pisa

    18 June, 2009

    So, last weekend Claire moved out of The Cottage and into her new flat, the top floor of a...

  • Beth Sends Her Love, Aberites

    3 May, 2009

    While I was out having lunch at SALT with Ruth, JTA, and Claire, I missed a message from Beth,...

  • Abnib Quotes

    21 May, 2008

    It only occurred to me the other week that there are lots of people who would probably want to...

  • Abnib Events

    10 May, 2007

    In order to reduce the amount of time my blog spends being used to organise events like Black Red...

  • AbNib & Str8Up!

    2 December, 2003

    [this post was lost during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004; it was recovered on 21st March...

  • Thursday Afternoon

    24 July, 2003

    Good progress at work today, easily catching up on the things I didn’t get done yesterday on account of...

  • AbNib

    22 July, 2003

    I’m almost ready to launch AbNib (main site may be down during development, but try the temporary mirror), a...

  • AbNib

    21 July, 2003

    As this article from the BBC and this article on icWales states,Aberystwyth is getting a sex shop (you can...