Knightmare Night

The plan for this evening, for all those that are interested:

Knightmare Night will be running from 8pm to about 11:15pm: we’ll be watching season 2, episodes 10 through 16. BYOB, etc. I’ve even tidied the flat… a little. And Claire‘s done the washing-up.

But before this, at 7:20pm, we’ll be doing a “bottle bank run”, to dispose of (in an environmentally-friendly manner) about 400 glass bottles which are consuming space in our home. If you’re planning on coming to Knightmare Night anyway, please consider coming a little early and helping us move several bin bags full of bottles down the road to the bottle bank, in exchange for which (a) you get to smash them to pieces… that lovely breaky sound, and (b) you don’t have to sit on a pile of them later on.

Those of you who use the RockMonkey ChatRoom are advised that it has moved servers. If you use the applet version of the chat room (on the web site), you won’t notice the difference (except that Iggy is a little less annoying), but users of real IRC client programs will need to reconfigure them slightly.


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