We’re Back In Town

After a week of nudity, drunkeness, comedy, diversions, and unexpected board games, we’re back from Preston/Durham/Edinburgh/Oxford/everywhere else we’ve been. Buffy Night is on, tonight, if you want to come join us. Stories will be posted here soon (there’s some good ones you have to hear).

Here’s a picture in the meantime of us all with Peter Buckley Hill, one of the most spectacular comedians I’ve ever seen. The photo was taken by Yianni of “Yianni’s Head”, another show we saw.

Claire, Dan, Peter Buckley Hill, Ruth, and JTA

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  1. […] By the end of the week, we were well-known amongst some of the comedians who also frequented the venues. The fantastic Peter Buckley Hill, mentioned in my previous post, autographed JTA’s flyer made out to “the front row”. Other comics joked that we should be paying rent to the venue, or passed on comments about us and tipped one another off. By late in the week we were casually chatting with most of the bar staff and entertainers, and even got sufficiently cheeky to insist that one comedian took a photograph of us standing with another: the picture shown in the aforementioned previous post. […]

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