Spellcasting: A-L-C-O-H-O-L

Spellcasting: A-L-C-O-H-O-L

Last night, Paul, Claire, Pete and I sat down, beer and gin and Dooley’s to hand, and watched the entire first series of 80’s kids TV game show Knightmare, taking a drink every time:

  • Team gives directions to dungeoneer that they can’t possibly follow. (“Go through the door.”)
  • Team gives wrong directions to dungeoneer. (“Turn left… no; I mean right…”)
  • Dungeoneer forgets how to differentiante between left and right. (“Take a small step to the right… I said RIGHT!”)
  • Dungeoneer gets to the next level.
  • Dungeoneer dies horribly.
  • Dungeoneer dies as a result of having not picked up a particular item in a previous room, but having been given no clue that they should have. (“You brought the silver bar, but you should have brought the gold bar; idiot.”)
  • Dungeoneer picks up an obvious red herring. (“On the table is a key, a ruby, and a small red fish.” “Take the fish! The fish!”)
  • Dungeoneer does something patently stupid. (“I know I can carry two items, but let’s not bother – let’s leave the obvious clues right here in this room we can never come back to.”)
  • Particularly clever riddle; one which none of us manage to solve.
  • Merlin.
  • Knight brutally killed by magic.

This, coupled with a gratuitous amount of shouting things like “Spellcasting! M-O-R-O-N!” whenever teams did anything particularly stupid lead to a fun evening for all.

Dan Q is a software engineer, a director of a voluntary organisation, a trainee counsellor, a keen geocacher, and an amateur magician. He lives with his partner and her husband in a polyamorous triad, and occasionally finds time to blog.


  1. andy 13 years ago

    Let me guess. from now on tuesday is Knightmare Night and there’s a website on the way.

    Wish you’d invited me. i love Knightmare. I used to think it was all real. 28 years old I was…

    ah the folly of youth.

  2. Scatman Dan 13 years ago

    Maybe. In any case, I’ll certainly let you know before next Knightmare Night.

  3. Mister JTA 13 years ago

    Huzzah! Let me/us/etc know too, and we shall come. Haven’t seen Knightmare for *years*, but I remember getting hugely excited on Fridays, ‘cos I’d be able to leg it back from school and watch it…

  4. Scatman Dan 13 years ago

    Will do.