IRC Doesn’t Kill People – People Do!

There’s just been an interesting debate on the RockMonkey ChatRoom (#RockMonkey on Freenode) about where the channel is going, where power should lie, and all that jazz. It’s pretty much inevitable that this kind of discussion takes place on a channel, but this is the first time I’ve seen it happen on such a small one (and at a pleasantly low temperature, too). Changing times, eh?

Among many users of the channel, I’m sure it’s no secret that there are a few… personality clashes. That’s healthy, and can leads to great debate (or blazing arguments). The concern I raised was that channel operators (effectively: moderators of the chat room) haven’t been using their wizard-like powers in a responsible manner.

Jon asked me to blog it, but I soon realised that any blog entry I wrote would inevitabley sound bitchy. So instead, I’ll just provide a link to some fantastic channel guidelines which explain what Freenode think is good practice when participating on, and, particularly, running and IRC channel. It says, far more eloquently than I would, exactly how I think the channel would be better run, and why.

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  1. I’ll post this in the language I’d use if I said it in person, because I know you well enough to know that you’ll take it the right way, and not be offended:

    That’s such a fucking cop out.

    You’re a more-than-good-enough writer to be able to speak your mind and not sound ‘bitchy’, if that’s what you’re worried about. Hiding behind some ‘best practice guidelines’ isn’t getting us as a community anywhere at all. I realise you think there is a problem, but only by honestly expressing *why* there is a problem can it be solved. Lets do this properly. Tell us what you *really think*.


  2. As much as I’d have liked to write a fuller respose, Jon, that covered the individual points, I honestly don’t have time at the moment (notice the relative sparseness of my blog posts in general right now) to do it justice. So, those of you who weren’t in the chat room at the time will just have to wait a week or two until things are less hectic for me.

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