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  • EEBO-TCP Hackathon

    22 April, 2015

    Last month, Dan attended the EEBO-TCP hackathon, and worked alongside humanities researchers to collaborate on software that extracted previously...

  • Greg, Marc, Blair and Dom, as depicted in Greg's 2007 blog post.

    Squiz CMS Easter Eggs (or: why do I keep seeing Greg’s name in my CAPTCHA?)

    27 March, 2015

    When using the Squiz CMS, Dan noticed that his CAPTCHA kept containing the same patterns of letters. These turned...

  • A 2-year-old using a MacBook. Photograph copyright Donnie Ray Jones, used under Creative Commons license.

    Teaching Kids to Code – Why It Matters

    28 September, 2014

    Teaching children to program computers should be seen as being about making a new generation of computer programmers. It...

  • Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'. I need some hot stuff baby tonight. I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'. Gotta have some hot stuff. Gotta have some love tonight.

    Cosmo – Building A Watercooled PC (Part 1)

    10 March, 2014

    Mostly-irrationally, Dan decides that it's time to build a new computer, and sets out to make a souped-up, liquid-cooled...

  • Pocket Searching

    22 October, 2013

    Accidental pocket-dialling is so last decade. Dan's been practicing accidental pocket-searching, and he's coming up with some strange results.

  • Pattern lock configuration on an Android mobile phone.

    Phone Security == Computer Security

    20 December, 2012

    Dan gets paranoid and despairs about the ease with which mobile devices can be stolen, the wealth of personal...

  • A Google+ Hangout with my family and I.

    Living In The Future

    9 July, 2012

    Google+ Hangouts makes multi-user video conferencing so easy that even Dan's mother can do it. It's like living in...


    Domain Name Hacks of 2013

    15 June, 2012

    With a plethora of new top-level domains planned to hit the Internet in 2013, Dan proposes a handful of...

  • My mobile banking app, showing me a special six digit code.

    Cardless Cashpoints

    14 June, 2012

    RBS Group banks now offer the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs without using a bank card, by making...

  • Eurovision Spectacular 2012

    21 May, 2012

    Eurovision Night 2012 is on Saturday, and it's time that we brought our disparate Eurovision Night Parties together via...

  • On This Day In 2004

    27 April, 2012

    On this day in 2004, Dan finally handed in his dissertation on the subject of Three Rings. Since then,...

  • British Telecom's implementation of the new cookie laws. Curiously, if you visit their site using the Opera web browser, it assumes that you've given consent, even if you click the button to not do so.

    Visitor Tracking Without Cookies (or How To Abuse HTTP 301s)

    24 April, 2012

    A technique for abusing HTTP 301 redirects and random numbers to uniquely track users; even those who have cookies...

  • 8-Bit Google Maps

    31 March, 2012

    Google Maps have started providing an "8-Bit Edition", with retro-RPG-style map graphics, Dan observes.

  • Searching For A Virgin

    25 March, 2012

    GMail's Contacts search surprises Dan by returning an unexpected result. Also, Dan is a beautiful person: his mobile phone...

  • Remembering December 2003

    21 March, 2012

    Back in July 2004, Dan lost a lot of his older blog posts during a server malfunction. Now and...

  • HDMI Virus, or How I Became An Old Person

    19 March, 2012

    HDMI cables are over-marketed at the best of times. But Dan's just discovered one that goes one step further,...

  • New Computer #2 – Dana

    27 January, 2012

    Dana is the second of the two new computers Dan's acquired this month. She's tiny, reasonably-powerful, and uses almost...

  • Looking for Wikipedia?

    18 January, 2012

    Dan explains how to get around the Wikipedia anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout, should you need to.

  • New Computer #1 – Tiffany2

    9 January, 2012

    This weekend, Dan built a new computer - Tiffany2 - to replace his aging media centre box.

  • Banned From Facebook

    24 November, 2011

    Dan gets banned from Facebook, for being too awesome. Or something. He wasn't really paying attention to the reason,...

  • Goodbye Reader

    2 November, 2011

    After Google apply an ugly-as-sin new style and break some of his favourite features, Dan finally gives up on...

  • QR Codes of the Bodleian

    30 September, 2011

    For the Bodleian Libraries' latest exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, Dan's produced some unusual QR codes to sit alongside...

  • What’s Wrong With My Phone

    28 August, 2011

    Dan finally puts his finger on what it is about his new phone that he doesn't fully get on...

  • A New Sensation

    4 August, 2011

    Dan's phone breaks, and even though the damage is minor and repairable, he gets a new one, simply because...

  • On This Day In 2003

    10 June, 2011

    Today is the ninth birthday of Dan's blog on Okay, okay, so he's actually been blogging in some...

  • Leading By Example

    15 May, 2011

    After getting thoroughly confused by the new European Union directives on the use of cookies, which come into force...

  • Deliciously Silly Password Restrictions

    28 April, 2011

    After being reminded that social bookmarking service exists, Dan logs in and gives it a go. His first...

  • Bank Security

    26 April, 2011

    Dan tries to tell a bank that their website is insecure. You'd think it'd be easier than this.

  • World Backup Day

    31 March, 2011

    Dan encourages you to make backups, or to check that your existing backups are working, as part of your...

  • IE6 Countdown

    5 March, 2011

    Microsoft have finally started telling people NOT to use Internet Explorer 6, an awful outdated browser that's holding the...