Nerd Sniped Traveller

I think I might be more-prone to nerd sniping when I’m travelling.

Last week, a coworker pointed out an unusually-large chimney on the back of a bus depot and I lost sleep poring over 50s photos of Dutch building sites to try to work out if it was original.

1950s black and white photo showing a newly-opened "GVB" bus depot in West Amsterdam.

When a boat tour guide told me that the Netherlands used to have a window tax, I fell down a rabbit hole of how it influenced local architecture and why the influence was different in the UK.

Why does travelling make me more-prone to nerd sniping? Maybe I should see if there’s any likely psychological effect that might cause that…



  1. amykhar amykhar says:

    I really loved the post on the window tax. It’s not something I would have expected to interest me, and I love when that happens.

  2. Spencer Spencer says:

    So from the photo I guess it wasn’t original? Is there more to the bus depot adventure?

    1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

      I think it was original, but haven’t been able to prove it. That photo doesn’t help much. Very annoying!

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