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  • Dan is handed keys and a bottle of sparkling wine by Mark, the estate agent.

    Buying A House, Part 6

    21 August, 2013

    The epic conclusion to the Buying A House series, in which Alec comes over and helps Dan, Ruth, JTA...

  • Buying a House, Part 4 – Call To Arms!

    19 July, 2013

    Can you help Dan, Ruth and JTA to move house on 27th & 28th July? They need your help!

  • A very pink attic bedroom.

    Buying a House, Part 1

    2 May, 2013

    Dan, Ruth, and JTA are looking for a new house, and their first opportunity to buy a home. Dan...

  • Content Freeze

    25 May, 2011

    After a significant blow to the head, Dan loses the ability to write to his long-term memory for several...

  • Earth Sunset

    21 May, 2011

    As regular readers will no-doubt know, the other Earthlings and I are currently in the process of moving house....

  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    16 May, 2011

    Days before he and the other Earthlings move out of Old Earth forever, Dan finally gets to have a...

  • What I Learned About Democracy, Injury, Packing & Friendship

    3 May, 2011

    Dan has a busy weekend of packing boxes, promoting better democracy, fretting about his dad, and socialising with a...

  • The Board Games Are Breeding

    1 May, 2011

    While taking a break from coding to pack boxes in anticipation of the Earthlings' upcoming house move, Dan realises...

  • Finding my Geographic Centre

    15 February, 2011

    What do you get if you take the average location between all of the places you've ever lived? Dan...

  • All Along The Watchtower

    14 June, 2010

    Ruth, JTA, and I have found our way to Earth – our new home, in Oxford – after the...

  • Claire Goes To Pisa

    18 June, 2009

    So, last weekend Claire moved out of The Cottage and into her new flat, the top floor of a...

  • Where Are We Moving?

    12 December, 2005

    On Wednesday, 14th December 2005, Claire and I are moving house. For those of you who are allowed to...

  • Paul In Aber

    6 July, 2003

    Paul made it to Aber. Woo and indeed hoo. He, Bryn, Kit, Claire, and I went to the beach...

  • Spooks

    1 July, 2003

    Work. Ho-hum. Watched two episodes of Spooks at Bryn’s new house. He’s just moved to Aber to start his...

  • Roommate

    21 June, 2003

    Apparantly I’m acquiring a roommate. My friend Kit already spends more of his life at my house than at...

  • Norfolk

    18 June, 2003

    Claire’s gone to Norfolk to help her dad move house, among other things. She’s back on Sunday. Played a...