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  • EEBO-TCP Hackathon

    22 April, 2015

    Last month, Dan attended the EEBO-TCP hackathon, and worked alongside humanities researchers to collaborate on software that extracted previously...

  • Greg, Marc, Blair and Dom, as depicted in Greg's 2007 blog post.

    Squiz CMS Easter Eggs (or: why do I keep seeing Greg’s name in my CAPTCHA?)

    27 March, 2015

    When using the Squiz CMS, Dan noticed that his CAPTCHA kept containing the same patterns of letters. These turned...

  • You are a target. Your password is weak. Attacks are on the rise. You can protect yourself.

    Rave Reviews for Your Password Sucks

    26 October, 2012

    After running a breakout session entitled "Your password: how bad guys will steal your identity" at the 2012 UAS...

  • Quiet On Set

    13 July, 2012

    When you watch The Quiet Ones, listen out for Dan cycling past, complaining the whole way about the film...

  • A Surprise Christmas Gift

    1 December, 2011

    A surprise package arrives outside Dan's office door. What's inside? A whole heap of goodness, that's what.

  • QR Codes of the Bodleian

    30 September, 2011

    For the Bodleian Libraries' latest exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, Dan's produced some unusual QR codes to sit alongside...

  • Time

    22 August, 2011

    Some people are goldfish, and some people are midgets. Dan's a goldfish. What are you?

  • Work Calendar [NSFW?]

    13 August, 2011

    Dan is momentarily alarmed by an abstract art piece - supposedly inspired by a flower - that appears in...

  • Instead Of Blogging…

    1 August, 2011

    In a declaration of 'blog bankruptcy', Dan lists all of the topics that he'd hoped to have blogged about...

  • First Class Film

    29 June, 2011

    Dan watches X-Men: First Class, and spots his office in the background during a part of the film. No;...

  • Fonts of the Ancients

    23 June, 2011

    Dan adds UTF-8 support to the CMS that powers the Bodleian Libraries' websites, and ponders how he'd justify the...

  • My New Pet Hate, part II

    15 June, 2011

    Dan shares a screenshot of a screenshot within a screenshot. I N C E P T I O N.

  • Idiocy Repeats Itself

    27 May, 2011

    Dan rushes down three flights of stairs to the meeting room where there's free food left over, slips on...

  • Content Freeze

    25 May, 2011

    After a significant blow to the head, Dan loses the ability to write to his long-term memory for several...

  • Leading By Example

    15 May, 2011

    After getting thoroughly confused by the new European Union directives on the use of cookies, which come into force...

  • Another Crazy Connection

    12 May, 2011

    Dan has a second blast-from-the-past moment as a second Oxfordite recognises him and sends him an email, just minutes...

  • Manifold Greatness

    30 April, 2011

    Dan visits Manifold Greatness, an exhibition on the history of the translation of the King James Bible hosted by...

  • A Small World Conspiracy

    19 April, 2011

    Dan is contacted by somebody he met many years ago in a chance meeting, which quickly goes on to...

  • With The Bod

    15 April, 2011

    Dan gets close to the end of his first week working for the Bodleian Libraries, and looks back on...

  • On This Day in 2002 (New Job!)

    4 March, 2011

    Dan looks back to 2002, when he began working for SmartData. Now, nine years on, he's planning to move...