Scatmania, Version 2

Welcome to Scatmania, Version 2!

After my disasterous data loss the other day, I decided to take the oppertunity to redesign Scatmania into something altogether better-suited to the purpose (i.e. doesn’t use a silly flat-file system). And here it is (well; unless you’re reading this through LiveJournal).

I’ll be graduating this afternoon, which will mostly involve standing around in silly robes while a man talks bollocks in Welsh. After this, I’ll be going out for a meal with my folks, who’ll be visiting for the occassion.

On an unrelated note, does anybody want to join Claire, Bryn, Paul and I on a trip to Alton Towers, some weekday during September (taking advantage of the cheap rates and lack of schoolchildren that’s available at that time of year)? Date to be confirmed, but if you want in, drop us a message or leave a comment.


  1. Looks good – is there any reason why the links on the sidebar seem to change on refresh?

    And another thing… RamdomlyEvil?


  2. Steve Steve says:

    Can I suggest staying overnight in the hotel on site. When we did it, it was £99 per night for a room that will sleep 4 people, and you get to go on the rides an hour before anyone else is allowed in, and you get an “eat as much as you can” breakfast first. It also means you can get slaughtered in the bar the night before, and use the best hangover cure I have found: Nemesis.

    PS. in IE the comments box fills the full width of the window and sits under the sidebar as soon as you start typing anything!

  3. Denyer Denyer says:

    Assuming that Tripod doesnae mangle it completely in the upload, here’s a cached copy of part of your blog from a few days ago… dunno if it’s any use, but you can grab it here and see:

    Was looking for some info for a friend, and remembered various sites you were involved with–doubt you remember me, but we bumped into each other a few times in Aber.

    Have fun with the graduation!

  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Fuckin’ hell. Yeh; I remember your face (having looked at the photos on your site – which is pretty nice, BTW), Denyer. Thanks for your help with the blog recovery: will make use of the stuff you’ve found.

    What info were you looking for: anything I can help with?

  5. Denyer Denyer says:

    Just someone wondering what the least worst bits of Penbryn were — Chris [] was kinda worried he’d get pushed down to invisible fourth choice on the forms, being a return student. Doesn’t appear to be a great deal of info about individual halls out there these days, and I never spent much time in that one. I doubt he’ll have problems; in my third year there were oodles of second-year students living on campus.

    And cheers! Am just starting to get to grips with php/MySQL, so my pad may actually get some of those update things once I finish stuff for other people. Web tech seems finally to have reached that healthy stage of content/presentation separation being more of a hassle-free reality. =)

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