The Purple Rose

I received a surprising gift at work this morning. Click the picture for a full-size snap.

A Purple Rose... But From Who?

A gift box from InterRose, delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery. The building manager who brought it up from the reception desk to my office kept insisting that it wasn’t from him (apparently the receptionist had been quite excited by it until she discovered it wasn’t for her, either).

I opened it up, watched by my co-workers. The box contained a single rose, it’s petals dyed purple, wrapped in a red ribbon, and a tiny envelope with my name hand-written on it. Looking in the envelope, I found a small card with the following message:

Lusting after and loving you from afar.

Your secret admirer.

x x

The current favourite guess amongst my co-workers is that the rose was sent by my mum. But I think they’re just jealous.

Thank you, secret admirer, whoever or wherever you might be. Although I’m pretty sure I know…

12 replies to The Purple Rose

  1. Jealous that their mums don’t send them roses or that YourMum doesn’t send them roses?

    I was going to do a whole bit, but I’ve thought better of it.

    Also I noticed you blanked out your address but left your bank statement in (partial) view…

  2. Aye. My address was very visible, but the only bits of my bank statement that can be read indicate that I eat at Bar Essential and Hollywood Pizza. No secrets there, then.

  3. Errrrmmm…. it wasn’t me. And I wouldn’t be lusting after you either! Not that you aren’t a very nice boy……

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