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  • AMP Is Poisonous

    19 May, 2017

    AMP, Google's technology that tries to make the mobile web faster by giving Google a monopoly over it, is...

  • Raspberry Pi VPN Hotspot (or How To Infuriate Theresa May For Under £40)

    25 November, 2015

    For a small sum of money and a little time, you too can have a little box that encrypts...

  • Greg, Marc, Blair and Dom, as depicted in Greg's 2007 blog post.

    Squiz CMS Easter Eggs (or: why do I keep seeing Greg’s name in my CAPTCHA?)

    27 March, 2015

    When using the Squiz CMS, Dan noticed that his CAPTCHA kept containing the same patterns of letters. These turned...

  • Craziest Internet Explorer Bug Ever?

    6 November, 2012

    Dan discovers a crazy little bug in Internet Explorer 8 and below, and complains loudly about it. Bloody IE.


    Domain Name Hacks of 2013

    15 June, 2012

    With a plethora of new top-level domains planned to hit the Internet in 2013, Dan proposes a handful of...

  • My mobile banking app, showing me a special six digit code.

    Cardless Cashpoints

    14 June, 2012

    RBS Group banks now offer the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs without using a bank card, by making...

  • Internetland

    13 June, 2012

    In Internetland, everybody has prosopagnosia. That's why it's so important that the people who live there treat their passwords...

  • British Telecom's implementation of the new cookie laws. Curiously, if you visit their site using the Opera web browser, it assumes that you've given consent, even if you click the button to not do so.

    Visitor Tracking Without Cookies (or How To Abuse HTTP 301s)

    24 April, 2012

    A technique for abusing HTTP 301 redirects and random numbers to uniquely track users; even those who have cookies...

  • A New Look

    13 April, 2012

    Dan redesigns the theme for, returning to sans-serif fonts and shades of blue... plus a few modern CSS...

  • Looking for Wikipedia?

    18 January, 2012

    Dan explains how to get around the Wikipedia anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout, should you need to.

  • My Name Is Me

    10 August, 2011

    Dan goes by his full name online, and has a few issues (mostly related to the length and uncommonness...

  • Hash Abnib

    25 June, 2011

    Abnib Chat didn't catch on this time around. Dan is unsurprised, but tries to understand the reasons anyway.

  • Every Full Moon

    17 May, 2011

    How would you like to be billed? Every calendar month, every 30 days, every 4 weeks, or... every full...

  • Fox News on IPv6

    29 January, 2011

    Journalists continue to misrepresent and generally fuck up the public's understanding of the future of the Internet, and Dan...

  • New Look, New Protocols

    21 January, 2011

    This website's been updated with a shiny new theme and an exciting (well, if you're a geek) new IPv6...

  • Updating WHOIS Records With Easily

    29 July, 2010

    I’ve recently undergone an ordeal with Easily, with whom a number of my domain names are registered, that involved...

  • My Firefox Window

    29 July, 2009

    It didn’t occur to me until somebody looked over my shoulder and commented on it, today, that I actually...

  • Internet Explorer 8 More Popular Than 6

    3 July, 2009

    Today is a good day for the web. Internet Explorer 8, which actually has reasonably good standards support, is...

  • Fibre Optics Are Cool

    28 November, 2008

    See: This is how I like my downloads to look.

  • What Not To Do When You Lose Your Mobile

    6 August, 2008

    Maybe this is just a pet hate that is exclusively mine, but there’s something that really gets on my...

  • ICANN Invent A Whole Universe Of Mess

    27 June, 2008

    In case you hadn’t heard/didn’t care, ICANN have authorised the creation of arbitrary privately-controlled top-level domains. So what does...

  • Firefox 3 “Download Day”

    18 June, 2008

    Downloaded your copy of Mozilla Firefox 3 yet to help them make the world record? I’ve been using Firefox...

  • Abnib Quotes

    21 May, 2008

    It only occurred to me the other week that there are lots of people who would probably want to...

  • The Danville Public Service Announcement

    21 April, 2008

    I don’t visit Facebook often. In fact, I usually only log on once or twice a month to clear...

  • My April Fools

    2 April, 2008

    I’ve always had a thing for big, overcomplicated April Fools’ gags. Traditionally, we’d always play pranks on Penbryn Halls...

  • Google’s April Fool…

    1 April, 2008

    …seems to be to not text me me Google Calendar alerts this morning. So I didn’t get reminded to...

  • Best Bug Ever

    20 February, 2008

    On behalf of a client of a client of SmartData, I was responsible this weekend for moving a website...

  • A Quick Play With HTML5

    12 December, 2007

    I’ve been playing with HTML 5 a little this morning. It’s really quite fabulous: a lot of smart design...

  • LiveJournal For Google Reader v1.3 Update

    21 September, 2007

    Earlier this year, I released my LiveJournal Atom Feed Digest Authentication Proxy (also known as LiveJournal For Google Reader...

  • Google Reader For LiveJournal Users

    31 May, 2007

    There’s a new version out: click here! My previous post reminded me that I’d never gotten around to writing...