Dan Q found GC8TN3Z Constellations 7

This checkin to GC8TN3Z Constellations 7 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

I was glad to be cyclecaching today when I reached this one, because the edge of the village was a perfectly innocuous place to be seen to pull over with my bike and sit down for a rest. The passing motorists seemed completely uninterested (although possibly glad that they didn’t have to overtake me) as I found and retrieved the cache.

The retrieval was an adventure in itself! I was very glad to have brought my tough geotweezers with me, because a narrow but sturdy tool was absolutely essential for gradually working the cache out of its hiding place. Returned it as-found, so I certainly hope that the next cacher is equally well-equipped!

Map of 51.7319,-1.444233

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