Dan Q performed maintenance for GC8W7QW Forgotten Bridge

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Routine maintenance visit. Came in via the path through the field to the North (pictured) which was pretty challenging because the “path” is almost as deep in vegetation as the cornfield that straddles it! Gloriously hot today, and the elder tree at the GZ smells lush!

Pleased to see a log entry from March by some picknickers who found the cache by accident. Delightful!

Cache remains in fine condition and ready to be found!

Dan, in a black t-shirt with "never without art" written on it, waves to the camera. He's standing in a cornfield, but the "path" that cuts diagonally through it is filled with plants to a similar height as the corn, making it hard to pass.

Map of 51.7652,-1.390367

Dan Q archived GC90RH3 Tiny Log Book

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This morning two men from the council turned up at my door and asked if they could borrow my driveway to park their vehicle. We got chatting, and it turned out that they were going to be working on footpath maintenance nearby. Realising where they meant, I asked for more information about their work: their plan was to remove the footbridge which acts as the home to this geocache, and replace it with a new one a couple of metres over in order to bring the path in-line with its “correct” location!

A rugged white flatbed van with a yellow stripe and the logo of Oxfordshire County Council sits on a gravel driveway in a garden. The sun glistens off the windscreen and the driver-side window is partially ajar.

So I wandered out with them and removed the geocache before they got started on removing the bridge. I might be able to replace it after the new bridge is built, but – based on their description of the new bridge – it might need to be a different design of cache, so for now I’m archiving this one. This is perhaps my happiest cache-archiving ever.

I confirmed that this team weren’t the bridge inspection team who wrote a lovely log in a cache of mine hidden under a different bridge in this area, but they said that they do occasionally find caches as part of their work and try to return them as-they-found-them. Delightful conversation.

Map of 51.757567,-1.40085

Dan Q found GC8Q3X3 Final cache of series

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This one was a challenge. Finding myself on a path alongside a wooden fence, I propped my bike up against the fence to search what seemed to be the obvious candidates, but no look. I returned to my bike to retrieve my handlebar-mounted GPSr to try to get a better fix and soon found myself tramping through waist-high nettles towards to GZ. Oh! There’s another path over here! That makes more sense. Found the cache pretty quickly once I’d got my silly self into the right place! TFTC!

Map of 51.814683,-1.407833

Dan Q archived GC7Q96B Oxford’s Long-Lost Zoo

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This has been muggled hard. I no longer live very close, so I’m removing the cache: I’ve extracted the remnants of the container from the GZ.

Shame to lose such a beautiful container, but it had a good long life and told many people the unusual story of this site, so it’s all good.

Map of 51.814183,-1.279867

Dan Q found GC49ERR #5 Billy Wynt – Up Top

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Wow, definitely had to go off the beaten track for this one. I took a route up and tightly alongside the fence, and only after getting to the GZ did I discover the easier way. Still a tough thing to find with the foliage so verdant. TFTC and thanks for the walk and the view, too!

From the top of the folly I can just make out my hotel in the distance (see photo)! Better go get some breakfast!

Dan, on a hilltop, points down into the valley between this and the next hill over. Where he's pointing is a white-and-brown-brick building with a grey slate roof in the iconic shape of a Travelodge hotel.

Map of 51.541667,-3.38025