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  • Pattern lock configuration on an Android mobile phone.

    Phone Security == Computer Security

    20 December, 2012

    Dan gets paranoid and despairs about the ease with which mobile devices can be stolen, the wealth of personal...

  • The Snip, Part 2

    6 December, 2012

    Dan is rendered sterile, and takes a picture of the removed parts of his vas deferens to share with...

  • From the bridge, it's clear how much the waters have risen.

    Oxford Under Water

    28 November, 2012

    Parts of Oxford have flooded, making it difficult for Dan to cycle to work. Difficult... but not impossible! Wellies...

  • The

    The Snip, Part 1

    26 November, 2012

    It's been a long time coming, but next week, after years of promising, Dan is finally going to put...

  • Days Like Weeks

    21 November, 2012

    Dan keeps himself busy with the latest Three Rings release, the Three Rings 10th Birthday Conference, a counselling exam,...

  • Checking the timetable while I wait for inspiration to strike me about what to say about the

    Conference Preparations

    15 November, 2012

    Dan is swamped with Three Rings work: even though he's finished working on Milestone: Jethrik, he's being kept busy...

  • Craziest Internet Explorer Bug Ever?

    6 November, 2012

    Dan discovers a crazy little bug in Internet Explorer 8 and below, and complains loudly about it. Bloody IE.

  • On This Day In 1999

    5 November, 2012

    In today's On This Day, Dan looks back on bonfire night of 1999, the crushes of his younger years,...

  • A close-up of my dad's Will, showing where it was clearly re-stapled.

    A Broken Oath

    4 November, 2012

    You wouldn't have thought it possible to incorrectly witness an oath or affirmation, would you? But somehow, a solicitor...

  • You are a target. Your password is weak. Attacks are on the rise. You can protect yourself.

    Rave Reviews for Your Password Sucks

    26 October, 2012

    After running a breakout session entitled "Your password: how bad guys will steal your identity" at the 2012 UAS...

  • A Three-Sentence Review Of Looper

    17 October, 2012

    A three-sentence review of Looper, the second-best of the three films in which Bruce Willis travels back in time...

  • Lucy 173's birthday is in 13/1 days.

    Lucy’s Birthday

    9 October, 2012

    Dan's ended up really busy again, but he's found time to share a bug in a development version of...

  • Knights of the Living Dead

    Three Films I’d Watch (if anybody made them)

    28 September, 2012

    Dan pitches three movie ideas: "Knights of the Living Dead" (a twisted form of the Arthurian legends, with zombies),...

  • The Leap Machine (Puzzle)

    24 September, 2012

    Dan proposes a puzzle: if you know that it is 29th February in some randomly-selected leap year, what is...

  • Five

    19 September, 2012

    Dan and Ruth celebrate five years together; Dan spots some curious numeric coincidences; and the pair of them think...

  • 4 Things You Should Do When Writing A Will (Which My Dad Didn’t)

    31 August, 2012

    While acting as executor for his father's estate, there have been four particular problems with Dan's dad's Will that...

  • I hold a bottle of Guinness in preparation of

    A Bus Called Peter

    28 August, 2012

    Dan attends a ceremony to name a bus after his father, who died earlier this year, and surprises everybody...

  • Ruth. I'm proud of her.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Six

    23 August, 2012

    Another day at the Edinburgh Fringe: comedy, whisky, a museum... and telling a room full of strangers about your...

  • Ruth discovers a police box and is inordinately excited.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Five

    23 August, 2012

    Day five at the Edinburgh Fringe sees Ruth, JTA and Dan meet up with Matt's new girlfriend, Hannah-Mae, watch...

  • (Veggie) haggis stovie (in a mug), a bowl of oatcakes, and a pint of beer.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Four

    22 August, 2012

    Dan, Ruth and JTA trek out to Leith and get very wet. And play disappointing board games. But they...

  • David Bann, Edinburgh.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Three

    22 August, 2012

    Dan watches lots more comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, eats two enormous meals, and learns about science.

  • JTA and I have had quite a lot of whisky in the last hour or so.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Two

    21 August, 2012

    Dan's second day at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival sees magic, comedy, and lots and lots of whisky. Also...

  • Edinburgh 2012 – Day One (was: On The Fringe)

    20 August, 2012

    Dan goes with Ruth and JTA to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is joined by Matt R.

  • Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

    Three Parties

    17 August, 2012

    After three consecutive weekends of parties, it's no wonder than Dan's so tired. Andy's birthday, Earth's Summer Party, and...

  • Three Rings as it appeared about seven years ago.

    Three Rings – Then And Now

    7 August, 2012

    Dan plugs the Three Rings blog, which recently published a post looking back on the technical changes to the...

  • My dad, climbing, moments before his accident.

    The Coroner’s Inquest

    26 July, 2012

    Dan provides reflections on his trip to Kendal for the coroner's inquest on his father's death, five months after...

  • Map of the 2012 Free Fringe.

    Edinburgh Free Fringe 2012 Venue Map

    25 July, 2012

    To help him get around the Free Fringe in Edinburgh this year, Dan's made a map of all of...

  • Bee, by Emily Short


    16 July, 2012

    Dan finally finds time to play Emily Short's new Varytale work, "Bee", and has some heartwarming things to say...

  • Quiet On Set

    13 July, 2012

    When you watch The Quiet Ones, listen out for Dan cycling past, complaining the whole way about the film...

  • A Google+ Hangout with my family and I.

    Living In The Future

    9 July, 2012

    Google+ Hangouts makes multi-user video conferencing so easy that even Dan's mother can do it. It's like living in...