Year One – A Happy Post That Everybody Will Misunderstand To Be An Unhappy One

Ruth and I celebrated the first anniversary of our being a couple, this weekend. She came down to Aber and we took the steam train up to Devil’s Bridge, wandered around the waterfalls, and spent a good few hours sitting in a pub (pretty much the pub in Devil’s Bridge, tiny place that it is) playing darts.

I’ve never really been one for celebrating anniversaries. A birthday is an ocassion to go out for a pint, and new year is when you… well, that’s when you go out for a pint, too. But it was really quite good to spend some time with Ruth (something I’ve not had a lot of while she’s been living in Oxford, this summer) doing the coupley things we don’t often get to do.

Fuck knows where we’re going to be in another year’s time. If her plans play out the way she’d like, she’ll be leaving Aberystwyth again this time next year, and I’m still going to be here. Neither of us are particularly confident about the prospect of pulling off a long-distance relationship that will work in the same kinds of ways that the relationship we have now does, and I’ve suffered a smidgen of anticipatory grief about the possibility us coming to an end.

On the other hand, we’re both keen to see what we can do to make sure it doesn’t have to end unless it absolutely has to, and that’s reassuring. And I am, as always, optimistic. We’ve got today. We’ve always got today.

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  1. I wrote half a post about our anniversary this morning. Then something came up that made it seem tactless so I consigned it to cyber-oblivion.

    It’s been a bumpy but rewarding year my love. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Here’s (still) hoping that between us we can figure something out for the future.

  2. Aww I am happy for you both :) I love anniversaries but I just like any excuse to be happy and do fun things!
    Long distance worked ok for me, but everyone is different. I am sure you guys will figure something out though, you are after all the Masters of Organisation within a relationship!!

    Oh and I miss you all bucket loads :(

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