If you haven’t already, take a listen to ZibraZibra – they’ve got the silly little player on their MySpace page, so you can tune in there. They describe themselves as “Space age. Sonic Synthesis + Guitar Shredding + Scandinavian and American Mentalities + Soaring Vocals + Hott Beats + Jumpsuits + Circuit Bending + Classical Cello + Whimsical Lyricism + Bodybuilding = ZIBRAZIBRA.” I think that’s a little wordy, so I’ll suffice to say that you really ought to go to that MySpace page, if only to listen to Arcade Catastrophe and Tick Tock.

Right – I’ve got a weekend of code ahead of me. Off we go…

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  1. My apologies for posting in your public blog, but your contact form doesn’t seem to be working. (I click on the green triangle and it 404s). I’d like to e-mail you to ask you questions about your LJ unauther code, as I want to fiddle with it to get community support working. Hopefully you can e-mail me back at the address I put in the reply. Otherwise… try… “brianb” . I go to UNSW in AU.

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