How To Camp

Adam provides a very practical, (well-manicured) hands-on guide:

How To Camp, the book

How To Camp

5 Stars A Real Eye-Opener by C. Waltham

Mr. Westwood’s new book provides an intelligent look at the problems that face many modern men when it comes to camping. The book answers key questions (such as “How do I hammer in tent pegs with a limp wrist?”) in informal language, and is a perfect complement to your favourite gay or metrosexual man’s bookshelf.

The section on dealing with unwanted bears – who can advance upon your camp without warning – is also a must-see. Great value.

4 Stars Good, but not great by bookworm331

Like many men, I’m already familiar with Adam’s work. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my pre-ordered copy of his new book for some time. Like his previous “how to” books, Getting Ahead By Giving Head and How To Pack Fudge, and his autobiography, A Gay Man Trapped In A Gay Man’s Body, this book brings big answers into a tight space and expresses it all through Adam’s friendly, approachable style.

He genuinely wants to help people get the most out of their camp experience, bending over himself to cover every angle of this homo-unfriendly pastime. I’ll certainly be keeping Adam between my pillows next time I’m in a tent.

My only criticism is that it’s a little on the heavy side, and if I’m in bed it can be hard to keep it up for more than a few minutes. Perhaps the upcoming soft-cover version will be a little more manageable. In the meantime, I’ll be looking out for his supplementary volume, Camping Within Tent.

1 Stars i dont get it by whiner

DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!!!!11 I bought this book for my nephew and was shocked when I casually fingered the first few pages: the authros confession is clear – he was never a boy scout.

how can we trust in his integrity? as a straight white GOD-fearing man (never mind as an expert on all things camp-related) if he was never part of our nations most valuable anti gay youth movement. i repeat DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

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  1. [JonA] Ava_Home: The book reviews stopped being funny some time ago. Stop.
    [Ava_Home] How long ago?
    [JonA] After the first one, really.
    [F_Widget] I like them
    [Ava_Home] Aye. I got an “Excellent” from MisterJTA on the third one, so somebody still liked them that far.
    [Ava_Home] I think they might have stopped being funny to you, JonA, after “Man Love For Dummies”, perhaps?
    [Ava_Home] Nobody’s making you read them. But I do appreciate the feedback.
    [JonA] The most recent one – Adam – yes, he’s gay, and camp has two meanings. Hilarious. I’m sure he enjoys being stuck into a tiny little pidgeon hole.
    [JonA] I mean, if you want to do one for Adam, fine, but you’re not even trying.
    [tgb] to be fair, Adam *has* fairly and squarely put himself in that pigeon hole…
    [Ava_Home] Ah, but not only does camp have multiple meanings, but so does “bear”, “pillow”, “tent pole”…
    [Ava_Home] It was just asking for it, really.
    [JonA] It’s just a little bit ‘lol, homosexual’, even for me.
    [Ava_Home] Okies. Easy improved upon – will give it a go with the next one – not that it’ll matter because they stopped being funny to you after the first one.
    [Ava_Home] =o)
    [JonA] Pretty much.
    [JonA] ~fin

  2. Well, the reviews are certainly still making me giggle, so there, even if that final one does contain a glaring inaccuracy: I think you’ll find that I was indeed in the boy scouts. And no, I don’t mean on an individual basis… well, I don’t just mean that. Oh, whiner, you silly billy.

    Anyhoo, it’s the greatest book I really should have written, so bravo :)

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