My Cat Built A Shrine To Andrew Lloyd Webber

I’ve discovered the most fun free game on the entire internet. At least, this week. Here’s some filler to warm you up:
Did you ever play Eat Poop My Cat? No; well, you’re not entirely alone, but I have found myself having to describe the game several times so far today. It’s a bit like Chinese Whispers bred with that game where you each write a line of a story and they had a child that looked suspiciously like their friend Pictionary but Chinese Whispers swears she was faithful. Basically, the first player writes a line: the more bizarre the better: such as “eat poop, my cat.” The second player has to draw a picture to represent this notion. The third player, given only the second player’s picture, has to describe it in a line of text. The fourth player draws their interpretation of what the third player wrote, and so on, until eventually you have an interpretation of a picture that has nothing to do with the original premise. Hilarity ensues.

Well; there’s an online version called The Sentence Game. It’s free, doesn’t require confirmation of an e-mail address, and great fun. Here’s two of the five games I played today: Dan reinterprets microphone/mermaid marriage; Andrew Lloyd Webber becomes Elvis’ mustache.

Give it a go.

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