Another Fun Little Weekend

Another happy fun little weekend. Troma Night on Saturday was particularly good: we watched both Kill Bill films back-to-back, along with the usual collection of other crap. Not-gay Gareth couldn’t make it, in the end (his parents are visiting this weekend), so we may have to see him some other weekend.

We’ve proposed a few more traditions for Troma Night. The first of these – and the one most likely to be implemented – is that of the “Honourary New Person”: following in the traditions of “Honourary Kit” and “Honourary Claire”, this tradition would dictate that whenever somebody comes to Troma Night for the first time, another person (a regular) is nominated “Honourary New Person”, and has the rules and traditions explained to them, and is teased mercilessly for the real new person’s lack of knowledge.

Other proposed new traditions were ‘tried out’ at Geek Night, on Sunday, such as an “Honourary JTA And Ruth” – the latter of which punches the former every time anybody insults the real Ruth. Of course, the real Ruth is eligible for nomination to be “Honourary Ruth” or even “Honourary JTA”!

Geek Night itself was fun, but a little drawn-out. We started with a longer-than-usual game of Carcassonne, this time with both the expansion packs that we have. The latter, “Traders And Builders”, really does add an extra something to the game. I won (miraculously, I thought Andy, just one point behind me, was going to!), after a long battle over a few key farms and two large cities.

We went on to play Munchkin. A very long game, with all of us waiting on level 9 for a long time. I spent most of the game as a woman, after an early sex change. Ruth looked most likely to win for a long while, then Andy and I tried to gang up and “win together”, just to get the game over with! Eventually, I won with a lucky draw at just the right time. A little luck had me win twice this Geek Night. Good-o.

We should have played Hacker, but for some reason everybody else seemed to think that Munchkin would be quicker. Ha!

In other news, after my revelation about ACME Computer Games I gave them a bell. They have none of my stuff in stock and it may be several weeks before they do. Five minutes later the called me back and told me that, actually, he had just found a copy of Fluxx and would be posting it to me ASAP.

Oh, and JTA‘s moved his blog over to it’s new home. Go take a look: I’m quite proud of the design I helped him with.

I Don’t Think ACME Get Many Customers

I recently bought three board games (Munchkin 3, Fluxx and Puerto Rico) from ACME Computer Games in Bangor (yes, I know, the same guys who got confused over my order before…). Somehow, I don’t think they get many e-customers: I just grabbed this screenshot from their web site –

Screenshot showing Munchkin 3 and 'People who bought this also bought:' listing Fluxx and Peurto Rico

Notice that I’m looking at Munchkin 3, and the Customers Who Bought This Also Bought says… yes, my two other purchases. And nothing else. Hmm.

Still no sign of my order, or any word from them (I placed the order over a week ago). Better give them a bell, I think.


Munchkin game… Of Doom!

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This repost was published in hindsight, on 11 March 2019.

Ruth wrote:

Dan: “Let’s play Hacker!”
Andy: “No, let’s play Munchkin. It’ll be shorter.”
General Agreement3 and a half hours later:

Dan finally wins. All players have been at level nine almost constantly for about half an hour. Several attempts at winning have been made, but all have been prevented, mostly by Andy. Dan wins by one point, in the face of all the cards Matt and Andy had left to prevent him.
All cheer. Except Andy, who nearly chokes on a pringle at having his plot foiled.

And now for something completely different…

…I like to call it sleep.

PS no idea why this is down this side. Pressed something randomly, too tired to try and fix it.

PPS O. Now it isn’t. Odd.