More Geeky Fun – Hack Security Cameras

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Here’s a giggle – somebody’s found a cleverly crafted Google search string that will reveal the (unprotected) web interfaces of a particular kind of Panasonic web-capable security camera. Just point a web browser at, then select one of the cameras (you might have to try a few before you get a working one). If you get a motorised one, you can even remotely control it! Here’s some I found earlier:

Update 17th August 2011: fixed broken link to Panasonic website!

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  1. so how exactly do I do this? I want to be able to hack into security cameras at schools and stuff like that

  2. Read. Learn. Understand. Nobody learned to hack into anything by trying to be a script kiddie. If you genuinely want to learn how to break systems, you’ll first have to be willing to learn how to appreciate them. For that, you’ll need a hacker’s mind, and I can’t tell you how to get that: you have to find it for yourself.

  3. Hate to be the one to point this out, but if you had half a brain you could see how difficult it would be for me to fake that (I mean, look at all the Google search results I’d have to rig).

    Of course, an interesting thing to note is that this particular hack is now two-and-a-half years old. I’m surprised it still works at all.

    [clicks a link]

    But it does! Heh. Marvellous. Some of them seem to be down, have moved, or have been properly secured, but others still seem to work.

  4. first of all, this DOES work… you people (by which i mean the pushy ones insisting that someone tell them how to hack a security camera in the space of a post, rofl) are just misinterpereting how it works. heres how it goes:

    some time ago someone thought it would be a good idea to be able to look at there security camera from any place in the world, by sending the feeds over the internet rather than through a LAN. they post the feeds on a URL that is a combination of the cameras IP address, and the file types that the video player uses.

    the ability to “hack” them with google comes from the fact that you can give google a “inurl:” command that will search the url rather than the site contents (since feeds have evry little of the latter). you enter the type of file extension that that brand of camera uses after the command, and it will search the web for URL’s that end with it, which will end up being (mostly) camera feeds of that brand.

    example… google search:

    this search is not brand specific, and will end up getting some old styles of cams… anything that doesn’t have a password on it and is working correctly is accessable… some can even be controlled from your computer, if the camera is moterized, and like any other search you run… ever… it will also bring up some porn.

    as far as i know, there is no way to get specific camras, so if your having fantasies about hacking into your school or local bank youll have to look elsewhere. you just move down the list of feeds that google brings up and go into them at random… never knowing where in world you will end up.

    its only considered a “hack” by definition, and by realistic standards, its more of a fun trick to show off at partys or in front of your non-computer-type freinds who will undoubtedly think its cool for about 5-10 minutes, before they get bored and want to shoot something on x-box.

  5. hey,
    i’m just wondering if i’ll be able to hack into my school’s security cameras, is this possible ?

  6. i had a question, is it possible to gain remote access to a particular building’s security cams via an internet connection?

  7. i would like to access a school camera. I will soon be finding out if they are connected to the internet. if they are and i find out what kind of camera they are how can a search for the camera on google?

  8. i would like to access a school camera. I will soon be finding out if they are connected to the internet. if they are and i find out what kind of camera they are how can a search for the camera on google?

  9. google search: hack security cameras, lol brings me here, where better to learn stuff than the biggest source of information so far, the internet, gotta say that its impressive, lol wonder if you could get big brothers cameras, oh look somebody asleep, oh another person asleep lmao

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