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  • Free Gift For First Hundred Customers

    31 January, 2005

    I’m sure that by now you’ll all be aware of the upcoming opening of Nice ‘n’ Naughty, the latest...

  • Spoons

    30 January, 2005

    I can bend minds with my spoon. That is all.

  • First Season Of Diplomacy

    25 January, 2005

    As I’m sure I’ve said, I’m running an online game of Diplomacy: my web-based adaptation of a classic 1959...

  • Tsunami Relief Concert

    25 January, 2005

    On Saturday night, Claire and I went to the Tsunami Relief concert at the Miillenium Stadium in Cardiff, which...

  • Walk Into Mortor

    24 January, 2005

    One does not simply walk into Mortor…

  • When The News Comes Close To Home

    24 January, 2005

    On Sunday, Claire was reading me a BBC News article about a woman who fell from Constitution Hill this...

  • Extra Haggis For Geek Night Players

    23 January, 2005

    I seem to have come into posession of a couple of haggises (or “haggii”, as I prefer). Would any...

  • Technium Phone System

    21 January, 2005

    Grr! Yet another fuck-up by the folks who run the Technium phone system: right now, every sixth call (exactly)...

  • More Flash: “Second Term”

    21 January, 2005

    Jon has posted to his blog about "Second Term", JibJab‘s most recent parody of the American policial system (you’ll...

  • Flash MX 2004 Data Integration/XML Features

    19 January, 2005

    Geeky post. I’ve just been playing with the data integration and XML-parsing features offered by the new version of...

  • Geek Night: Diplomacy

    17 January, 2005

    After last Sunday’s Geek Night, I’ve observed that there are a fair number of us (well: Claire, JTA, Ruth...

  • Freedom Sport And Surf

    17 January, 2005

    There’s a lesson here for any business with a web site: I’m sure that you may be familiar with...

  • Urgent Message For Paul!

    14 January, 2005

    This is an urgent message for Paul M: Some of us in Aber are concerned that your original travel...

  • Geeky Humour – The Concatenator

    14 January, 2005

    String c = a.concat(b); has never been so violent.

  • Bill Gates Is Dead

    14 January, 2005

    Have you seen the tribute site to the life and death of Bill Gates: Bill Gates Is Dead.

  • War Of The Chrononauts

    14 January, 2005

    This post is almost entirely about board games. If you’re not interested, stop here. As some of you will...

  • Bryn’s Challenge – Update

    14 January, 2005

    Here’s the update on Claire and my progress with Bryn’s Challenge – his happy little Un-Supersize-Me goal of avoiding...

  • More Old Blogposts Recovered

    13 January, 2005

    I achieved another success this morning in my effort to recover as much as possible of my personal life...

  • The Ad Graveyard

    12 January, 2005

    The Ad Graveyard collects some of the best and funniest rejected and cancelled advertisements in the world.

  • Wet And Wild

    12 January, 2005

    There’s a notice out today not to park on Marine Terrace… and with good reason. From the superior viewpoint...

  • Bryn’s “Un-Supersize-Me” Challenge

    11 January, 2005

    Claire and I have decided to take on Bryn’s Fast-Food Challenge, in order to try to reduce the amount...

  • Build Your Own Tin Foil Hat

    10 January, 2005 has a guide to building your own “Thought Screen Helmet”. From the website: The thought screen helmet blocks...

  • Happy Birthday To Me

    10 January, 2005

    Thanks to everybody who came to Troma Night to celebrate my birthday on Saturday: that was fab. And special...

  • More Geeky Fun – Hack Security Cameras

    9 January, 2005

    This was one of my most-popular articles in 2005. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy: The Ten Weirdest...

  • Three More “Extremely Critical” Internet Explorer 6 Vulnerabilities

    9 January, 2005

    Three more “extremely critical” Internet Explorer vulnerabilities are being reported today. Secunia‘s advice – Use another product.

  • First Look At Microsoft Ani-Spyware

    7 January, 2005

    Microsoft have released a beta-test version of their new Anti-Spyware program (based on technology they gained during their recent...

  • Fnorders Of The Day

    7 January, 2005

    Wow. The “Fnorders Of The Day” (the message in the little strip between this site’s title and the posts)...

  • Internet Explorer Inferiority… Again

    6 January, 2005

    I’ve had a major gripe with Microsoft Internet Explorer for some years now, in it’s inability to handle PNG...

  • LiveJournal Sells

    6 January, 2005

    Following up yesterday’s rumours, it can now be seen that, officially, LiveJournal has been sold to SixApart. The details...