Dan Q found GC54DD8 WAG 4 – Chiltern Way Extension

This checkin to GC54DD8 WAG 4 - Chiltern Way Extension reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Unfortunately, my dedicated GPSr had been left turned-on after my last geocaching/geohashing/whatever expedition, and I hadn’t realised until I was just setting off this morning. I tried to charge it in the car but it didn’t take on enough battery to make it worthwhile to bring it out, so I was working from my phone (whose GPSr is… adequate… usually), and my watch (whose GPSr is good, but whose user interface for caching is pretty pants).

But luckily for this cache at least my geosense brought me to exactly the right spot, and I quickly saw something that looked out of place. Imagine my delight when I pulled on it and the cache was in my hand. Fantastic stuff, TFTC.

Dan, wearing a grey hoodie over a white t-shirt, pets Demmy, a French Bulldog.



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