Dan Q found GC97WPR 7 BH

This checkin to GC97WPR 7 BH reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Distracted by the cattle eating their breakfast and the increasingly beautiful sunrise, almost forgot to look for this cache. Read the hint but still didn’t have a clue until I spotted something out-of-place in a field. Sure enough, it was the cache. Nice hide! TFTC.

A group of brown-and-white cattle eat hay from a feeder in a grassy field, sandwiched between two shipping containers which seem to act as a makeshift shelter.

This expedition also sees me using StreetComplete to update OpenStreetMap metadata. Here, I got to correct the “stile” to a “kissing gate”. Fun!

A deep red sunrise behind some power lines, over a green field and a shadowy hill.

Map of 52.599667,-1.906567

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