Dan Q found GC98N4G Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #9 Speed

This checkin to GC98N4G Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #9 Speed reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Third time was the charm for me with this elusive cache! On this and my last visit the coords kept pointing me to the centre of the road, giving me a pretty big search radius. Eventually found it – with the help of properly interpreting the hint – at N 51 46.314, W 001 25.758. Hope this helps anybody else with the same problem! TFTC, and once again for an excellent series.

Attached image is from my second visit, when I was trying to look unsuspicious and like I had a different reason to be hanging around here!

Dan outside a disused bus stop repurposed as a "beach hut".

Map of 51.771967,-1.4294

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