Dan Q found GC2549F Motorway Mayhem M6 Junction 19

This checkin to GC2549F Motorway Mayhem M6 Junction 19 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

I was heading South on the M6 when my phone beeped to warn me that the road was blocked, ahead. Turns out there had been some sort of crash, and traffic was being directed into Knutsford Services. Naturally, I used the break as an excuse to park up and hike out to this and another local cache.

As I came over this bridge, it looked like traffic was flowing again, albeit slowly and with a lane closed, so I’m going to complete my loop and get back on the road. Thanks for the distraction while I was stranded!

Motorway traffic moving past a 50 limit and "stranded vehicle" warning sign.

Map of 53.306233,-2.406783

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