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Yesterday I recommended that you go read Aaron Uglum‘s webcomic LABS which had just completed its final strip. I’m a big fan of “completed” webcomics – they feel binge-able in the same way as a complete Netflix series does! – but Spencer quickly pointed out that it’s annoying for we enlightened modern RSS users who hook RSS up to everything to have to binge completed comics in a different way to reading ongoing ones: what he wanted was an RSS feed covering the entire history of LABS.

LABS comic adapted to show The Robot literally "feeding" RSS
With apologies to Aaron Uglum who I hope won’t mind me adapting his comic in this way.

So naturally (after the intense heatwave woke me early this morning anyway) I made one: complete RSS feed of LABS. And, of course, I open-sourced the code I used to generate it so that others can jumpstart their projects to make static RSS feeds from completed webcomics, too.

Even if you’re not going to read it via this medium, you should go read LABS.


  1. @antidemagogue Hey thanks for promoting LABS. It’s nice to hear people like reading webcomics after their run is finished.

  2. Hey thanks for promoting LABS. It’s nice to hear people like reading webcomics after their run is finished.

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  3. Spencer Spencer says:

    Thanks Dan! You are awesome and your response time is truly impressive.

    Unfortunately this confirms that my RSS reader (feedly) was to blame for filtering old posts. Time to find a new one!

    1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

      Hard luck! I’m using a slightly-modified FreshRSS installation, these days, and loving it: I previously used Tiny Tiny RSS which was okay, too, but the FreshRSS core team won me over on about day 10 of me trying it out when I found a fringe bug which only happens when (a) you’re subscribed to a feed that requires case-sensitivity in its GUIDs and (b) you’re using MySQL/MariaDB as the backend database… and they managed to fix it and roll it into their next new release, just a week or so later. Amazing team, and they’re always adding new and useful stuff to what’s already a solid RSS reader.

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