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LABS comic 001 frame 1 - "Learn to Serve Food"

After three and a half years, webcomic LABS today came to an end. For those among you who like to wait until a webcomic has finished its run before you start to read it (you know who you are), start here.


  1. Spencer Spencer says:

    Do you have a RSS solution for reading through archives? I like RSS for current webcomics but I’ve never seen a reader that would show me old posts and let me keep track of my reading progress.

    LABS is a good find. I wonder if anyone has trained a deep learning Acronym Bot.

    1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

      No, but that’s a great idea! The reason your regular RSS reader won’t work is, of course, that most comics don’t put their entire archive into their RSS feed – just the last few dozen. Which is reasonable: that’s what RSS is for – subscription notification, not reading lists – but it’s not much help when you want to read an entire thing. Curiously, most podcasts do put their entire archive in their feed and I’ve used that before to “catch up” with an established one.

      But it shouldn’t be hard to engineer such a thing. Many webcomics have an “archives” page with links to every comic. A little code, perhaps run via something like RSSey (or one of its easier to use competitors, some of which are linked from its description) should be able to scrape such a page and turn it into an RSS feed. As a bonus, it would only need to run once (after all, the comic is finished!) and then the RSS reader could ingest a static file.

      That might give you enough to solve it yourself, or else I’ll try to find time to take a look at some point just out of interest.

      1. Dan Q Dan Q says:

        Okay, so the heat woke me up early this morning and I fixed that for you.

        1. Spencer Spencer says:


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