Dan Q found GLVVN5PH Pub Quiz

This checkin to GLVVN5PH Pub Quiz reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Took me longer than it might’ve to look at this one because I’m feeling a bit saturated with “city centre” mystery caches: why are there so many these days? Pub quiz questions were right up my alley and it was only having forgotten about the existence of a particular piece of filming history that slowed me down – luckily I was able to derive from the maths where my error was likely to be and correct it, and geochecker confirmed where I was headed.

The first place I searched gave me a false sense of satisfaction when I felt something small and smooth stuck-on to something near the GZ… but it turned out to be a snail.

The second place a searched resulted in a knuckle full of stinging nettles. Ouch!

But the third place I searched put the cache right into my hand. Delightful.

Map of 51.75472,-1.2528

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