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  1. This is why I’d never play cards for money with you unless we were using a new, sealed deck. I wouldn’t put it past you to print your own cards and slip them into a deck….

  2. And Dan’s cards are revealed… it’s… the fifth Ace, the Ace of Rubies! Also, the Archduke of Spades.

    Wouldn’t a check of all the cards first be sufficient, Pacifist?

    Hmm… no comment yet from Jimmy.

  3. I thought so.

    And technically, there are now three fusion plants: new 44, old 50, and new 60. You’ll only have all three in the deck if you play the new game mode, in which you play to 20 substations rather than 17, but that sounds awesome to me anyway as I’m sure you’ll agree.

    I’m sure you’d fight tooth and nail to get all three into your arsenal together – a fully fusion-powered company! – but there’s always the risk, especially in Step 3 – that several will come up together and you won’t be able to buy them all if buying one puts you out of a future auction! Eek!

  4. Pfft. Who needs fusion? I’ll keep my faith in good old fashioned oil, in all its nature-busting glory – it’s not as if it’s let me down lately, is it?

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