A Great Driver, In Theory

Took and passed my driving theory test this lunchtime. 50/50 (pass mark 44) on the multiple choice bit, and 66/75 (pass mark, again, 44) on the silly little hazard perception video, which’ll do.

Not one question about stopping distances, meaning that I’ve committed to memory that most useless of information (I mean, am I really going to spot a child running into the road and start counting the car-lengths between me and him to work out if I need to start braking yet?) for no reason whatsoever. It feels like they’re all stuck in my head, now, so I may have to knock up a quick computer quiz to ask me those “missing” questions so I can release them again.

So yeah; there we are. Suppose I ought to have a practical test sometime.

4 replies to A Great Driver, In Theory

  1. Wah hey, well done champ. Those stopping distances are wildly inaccurate for modern cars anyway.

    I got 100% on that multiple choicer too, the questions were just ridiculous. I reckn they should weight the answers so if you say something like it’s ok to mow down a load of kids then you get booted out of the center.

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