Rejected Crayons

You won’t find these from Crayola…

Spousal Abuse Black and Spousal Abuse Blue
Flu Phlegm Green
Found In Diaper Gold
Klan White
Los Angeles Air Brown
McDonald's Burger Grey
Melanoma Tan
Time O' The Month
Tin Man Johnson Silver

Stop… Think… Listen…

What the fuck.

People are stressed. People are angry. People are being complete bastards to one another.

Well, shit… worse things honestly do happen at sea.

I feel sorry for everybody who’s on the recieving end of any of this glasspaper-buggery-of-the-mind; and I’ve heard more than enough already to get a pretty clear picture. And the thing I can tell you all is that rash decisions won’t help anybody. Pull yourselves together. Chin up. I’m here if you need me.

That is all.