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As you may be aware, Jon is developing the next generation of Abnib (preview – looks fab, eh?). To coincide (and integrate) with this, there’s now an Abnib Gallery, to which Abnib-ettes can post photos relating to the activities of themselves with other abnib-ettes: a place to collate our photographs of the fires we have on the beach, the things we get up to at Troma Night, etc. etc. I’ve put some of my pictures up there already: if you’re on the Abnib/Troma Night website and you want a login (so you can add photos, vote, leave comments, etc.), just drop me an e-mail or leave a comment and I’ll sort you out with access.

Fab storm last night: Claire and I went out in it to see the lighting from the prom, and got completely soaked.

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  1. Oooh nice can I have a login can I can I can I? PLEASE.

    Sorry I have a lot of pent up energy that seems to be releasing itself in a childlike manner of behaviour.

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