Troma Night Website Integrates With Abnib

Woo and indeed hoo! I’m really starting to enjoy programming RSS feeds into my web sites now. I’ve just done a little bit of recoding of the Troma Night website to allow the newly-relaunched Aberystwyth weblog aggregator, Abnib, to syndicate it. Now, Abnib will show the details of the next upcoming Troma Night… and not a moment too soon – if you’re viewing this post on Abnib, you’ll see the announcement of tonight’s Troma Night just below it. Yay!

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  1. Having looked at Abnib, I’m left with one very important question… it’s all very lovely and impressive, I’m sure… but where the Hell did it get that photo of me from?!

  2. Tell you what, Jon – you fix the RSS feed from CleanStick to take an “author” paramater (WordPress’s XML generator is a doddle – Scatmania is powered by WordPress, and outputs ATOM, CDF and ESF, all thanks to a few small ‘tweaks’), and I’ll be delighted to add you to Abnib.

    JTA – the picture of you as seen on Abnib was taken using your own digital camera on 30th May. =o)

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