Cool Thing Of The Day

Cool And Interesting Thing Of The Day To Do At The University Of Wales, Aberystwyth, #39:

Climb a nearby hill with the intention of finding a forest that you’ve heard is on the other side. Fail. Check maps to verify that the forest is there, and climb the hill again, looking for the forest. Fail. Check the maps, get somebody who’s been there already, and set off looking for them once more. Fail. Where in smeg’s name are the Cwm Woods??? How have they managed to evade me on three occassions, when I’ve had maps and experience on my side! Who knows? Who cares?

The ‘cool and interesting things’ were originally published to a location at which my “friends back home” could read them, during the first few months of my time at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, which I started in September 1999. It proved to be particularly popular, and so now it is immortalised through the medium of my weblog.


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