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  • Too Busy To Blog

    25 September, 2009

    So I shan’t tell you about all the fun and exciting (read: horrible and exhausting) things I’ve been up...

  • Waiting For The Bus

    15 September, 2009

    If there still exists anybody on Earth to whom I haven’t shown the Cyanide & Happiness short film, Waiting...

  • Ten Weirdest Sex Toys I’ve Ever Seen [NSFW]

    19 August, 2009

    This was one of my most-popular articles in 2009. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy: A dirty-looking calendar...

  • I Hate My Job [seen online]

    5 August, 2009

    I laughed so hard, I had to share this story with you: My job is so fucking unbelievable. I’ll...

  • Zero Punctuation Reviews Duke Nukem Forever

    28 May, 2009

    And it’s a work of art. Go watch it.

  • There Is Such A Thing As Working Too Hard

    25 May, 2009

    And while I’ve failed at hitting it, having scooped up my laptop and gone down to the beach only...

  • Satisfied

    15 May, 2009

    I saw XKCD #584 – “Unsatisfied” – this morning. In the comic (in a slightly Sliding Doors way), a...

  • Digital Sounds For Quiet Cars – I Totally Predicted This

    12 May, 2009

    The Economist has a story about a bill going through US Congress about the noise (or lack thereof) made...

  • An XKCD Moment

    29 April, 2009

    As a song came on the radio (well, Club 977 – The 80s Channel), Ruth laughed. “What?” I asked....

  • Terrorist Threat Affects Refuse Collection

    9 April, 2009

    Clicky for a bigger picture. With thanks to James Holden’s billboard generator.

  • Facebook To Be Monitored To Fight Crime

    25 March, 2009

    In case you hadn’t seen the kind of news story I’m talking about, here’s one. Couldn’t help but think...

  • Saddlebacking

    28 January, 2009

    Saddlebacking. I laughed. Awesome work, Dan.

  • Economnomnomics

    15 January, 2009

    Here’s an idea: what if bills came with a sweet treat, like a lollipop or something. Or perhaps if...

  • SmartData’s Christmas Message

    17 December, 2008

    In case anybody’s interested, SmartData‘s animated Christmas card (with a little help from JibJab) is now online. Watch it...

  • Interview Sarah Palin

    1 October, 2008

    Remember about four-and-a-bit years ago, I downloaded Dadadodo, which I described at the time as a “word disassociator?” The...

  • Does Food Go Missing From Your Kitchen?

    31 May, 2008

    Does food ever go missing in your house and you don’t know who’s eaten it? You probably ought to...

  • A Note From The Passport Office

    28 April, 2007

    This morning I received my new passport, following my name change last month. In the envelope with the new...

  • Paul Is The Most Fucking Random Person In The World

    5 May, 2005

    Paul M: fucking nutter. The most random person you’re ever likely to meet. But you’ve got to love his...

  • Some Pictures From My Phone

    4 May, 2005

    Some pictures I just extracted from my phone: ASSA are branching out. Not just (experi)mental music, they do locks,...

  • Safe Road Use Of Elephants

    25 July, 2003

    Aside from the main point of this article, I found it most amusing to find that state-run Indian elephants...

  • Silliest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

    18 July, 2003

    As this hilarious BBC news story tells it, an artist came home to his Liverpool house to find that:...

  • Hunting For Bambi

    17 July, 2003

    This news article, entitled Hunting For Bambi, amused me for a few minutes.

  • Almost Passed This On The Way To Work

    10 July, 2003

    Another fantastic story from the BBC: this one took place yesterday, and so I missed it, as I didn’t...

  • Sandplough

    10 July, 2003

    As this report by the BBC states, Danish soldiers in Iraq were surprised when their latest supplies shipment, instead...

  • Anonymity For Beginners

    4 July, 2003

    Somebody obviously didn’t understand the idea of the BBC’s story on annoying work colleagues when they posted the following...

  • Practical Joke Of The Week

    15 June, 2003

    Am pulling off a fantastic one against my girlfriend, Claire. On Friday, our landlord arrived with a plumber to...