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  • Spee Kin Dork Weans Anguish

    11 June, 2012

    Darn desk covers eh Anguish languish, you sing eat toucan fusion Hanoi owl office fronds.

  • Sign:

    Signs Seen in Service Stations

    23 May, 2012

    After a few motorway service station visits, Dan wonders how to drink alcohol in a parallel dimension, and whether...

  • The 'keyboard' that Adam had sent.

    A New Keyboard

    2 May, 2012

    Dan already owns the best mouse in the world. Maybe it's time for a new keyboard, too. But what's...

  • Fetch Quest

    27 March, 2012

    Dan muses on the nature of the "fetch quest" in video game RPGs, and how we as a culture...

  • Searching For A Virgin

    25 March, 2012

    GMail's Contacts search surprises Dan by returning an unexpected result. Also, Dan is a beautiful person: his mobile phone...

  • HDMI Virus, or How I Became An Old Person

    19 March, 2012

    HDMI cables are over-marketed at the best of times. But Dan's just discovered one that goes one step further,...

  • The Tampon Gun

    8 March, 2012

    Dan reminisces about weaponising tampons, back in about 2003, and then going on a rampage. It's like paintball, only...

  • Wanted

    15 October, 2011

    Ah, Oxford. You are so eccentric. Dan shares a photograph he took.

  • Meat To Please You

    12 October, 2011

    Dan asks vegetarians, "What's with the fake meat?", while musing on what unicorn might tastes like.

  • PromisQity

    11 September, 2011

    Dan discovers a vinyard whose name makes it sound like it was something he came up with.

  • I went to an REM concert

    9 June, 2011

    Dan makes a bad joke based on REM lyrics, but with a morsel of truth within.

  • Weird Music Only Paul Likes

    23 May, 2011

    Dan finally works out where Paul gets his weird music from.

  • Disaster Analysis

    19 May, 2011

    In the aftermath of this week's shocking lunchquake, Dan is joined by Dr. Pepper, who surveys the damage.

  • Every Full Moon

    17 May, 2011

    How would you like to be billed? Every calendar month, every 30 days, every 4 weeks, or... every full...

  • Beware: Necrophiliac Paramedics!

    11 May, 2011

    If Dan is killed on his way to work and his lifeless body is raped by a necrophiliac paramedic,...

  • Best April Fools Pranks 2011

    1 April, 2011

    Dan points out some of his favourites among the April Fools' pranks from around the web this year.

  • Puppy Eating Time

    27 January, 2011

    Dan puts his foot in his mouth, and makes it sound like he was considering putting his boss's new...

  • The Wedding – Unanswered Questions

    20 December, 2010

    Photos from Ruth & JTA's recent wedding, as a "teaser" to keep you on the edge of your seat...

  • A Very Confused Courier

    15 December, 2010

    I’ve just had a phone call from a very confused courier. My mother (who many years ago for reasons...

  • A Video Game Movie I’d See

    8 November, 2010

    Video game movies are notoriously bad, no matter how awesome the game that inspired them. Wing Commander took a...

  • I’m Proud of the BBC!

    17 October, 2010

    I’m Proud of the BBC! It’s just this (and lousy weather) that keeps us together. With thanks to...

  • Parsing XML as JSON

    13 October, 2010

    This morning, I got an instant message from a programmer who’s getting deeply into their Ajax recently. The conversation...

  • Civilization V Release Day

    21 September, 2010

    For those of you in the USA, at least, today is the release day for the much-anticipated Sid Meier’s...

  • The Modern Programmer’s Dictionary

    21 September, 2010

    In the field of  software development, there’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s a new language, framework, API...

  • Amateur Lesbians

    12 August, 2010

    I’ve recently reformatted and reinstalled, and that means that – briefly – I ended up seeing advertisements on the...

  • The Game Disbalancer

    5 August, 2010

    Coming to an Arkham Horror game near you… never. Click for large-o-vision. You know, I think that having this...

  • Dan’s April Fools’ Jokes This Year

    1 April, 2010

    After JTA and I’s monster plan for a great April Fools’ joke got rained-off this year (maybe another year),...

  • Smell Of Gas

    21 January, 2010

    The other evening, I was woken (yes, I was asleep at 6pm, might blog about why that was on...

  • Pudd

    16 December, 2009

    pudd /pʊd/ (verb, third-person singular simple present pudds, present participle pudding, simple past pudded, past participle pudd) (transitive) to...