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  • Anniversary at Wriggles Brook

    29 August, 2015

    A few weeks ago Ruth and Dan celebrated their eighth anniversary in a gypsy caravan at Wriggles Book, Herefordshire,...

  • From bottom to top: potato waffle, cheese, potato waffle, egg, tomato ketchup.

    Health. Food.

    12 February, 2015

    You can tell when Dan's recovering from illness, because he starts craving the most otherwise-disgusting foodstuffs. Here's a recipe...

  • The completed pizza cake, ready to be sliced.

    Pizza Cake

    4 October, 2014

    When you make a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a pizza on top of a...

  • Cheese and pickle.

    How to make a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich

    8 July, 2014

    What a strange species we are! Dan contemplates the complexity of a cheese & pickle sandwich.

  • Gypsies, a Turkey, a pan of French Fries, and the Kings of Leon

    Odd One Out?

    24 December, 2013

    Which is the odd-one out: gypsies, turkeys, french fries, or the Kings of Leon? It's a simple riddle, but...

  • A tealight candle burning in the dark.

    Hello 2013: My Birthday

    5 March, 2013

    Dan managed to spend the afternoon of his birthday away from his computer and in the pub... but only...

  • Ruth's pregnancy test, showing

    Hello 2013: Goodbye 2012

    26 February, 2013

    In a belated blog post, Dan looks back on 2012, and describes it as one of the hardest years...

  • (Veggie) haggis stovie (in a mug), a bowl of oatcakes, and a pint of beer.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Four

    22 August, 2012

    Dan, Ruth and JTA trek out to Leith and get very wet. And play disappointing board games. But they...

  • On This Day In 2005

    4 May, 2012

    On this day in 2005, Dan received an unusual parcel. No, you're not reading the same post twice... this...

  • The Meats I Miss

    4 April, 2012

    After a year and a bit of being vegetarian, Dan looks back and considers the things that he misses...

  • Village Of The Bunnies

    14 January, 2012

    To celebrate his birthday, Dan is joined by Ruth in an effort to construct a diorama of a gingerbread...

  • Marmite

    1 January, 2012

    This blog post is about Marmite.

  • Meat To Please You

    12 October, 2011

    Dan asks vegetarians, "What's with the fake meat?", while musing on what unicorn might tastes like.

  • How Can You Have Any Pudding If You Don’t Eat Your Meat?

    7 August, 2011

    To those of you that don’t know already, I have a confession to make. After years of picking holes...

  • Halloumi & Mushroom Skewers

    1 July, 2011

    After trying them at a barbeque the previous week, Dan raves about halloumi and mushroom skewers, which might well...

  • Idiocy Repeats Itself

    27 May, 2011

    Dan rushes down three flights of stairs to the meeting room where there's free food left over, slips on...

  • Disaster Analysis

    19 May, 2011

    In the aftermath of this week's shocking lunchquake, Dan is joined by Dr. Pepper, who surveys the damage.

  • Cinco de Mayo

    8 May, 2011

    By dressing as a Mexican, Dan gets free beer and free burritos on Cinco de Mayo.

  • Puppy Eating Time

    27 January, 2011

    Dan puts his foot in his mouth, and makes it sound like he was considering putting his boss's new...

  • Easter Egg Hunting, Gravity Hooking, and Geocachers You Might Know

    4 April, 2010

    This afternoon, like last year, we took the opportunity to spend Easter Sunday hiding one another’s Easter eggs in...

  • The 17 Blog Posts That Weren’t

    3 April, 2010

    It may come as a surprise to you that the stuff I write about on my blog – whether...

  • Kiwi Evolution

    9 December, 2009

    A discussion at SmartData this morning: Dan: (eating a kiwi fruit) So why are kiwis hairy? Gareth: To give...

  • Foods That Begin With The Letter Q

    9 September, 2009

    To mark the second anniversary of QParty, I thought I’d cook Claire and I a meal consisting of foods...

  • Paul’s Birthday

    15 March, 2009

    In case I haven’t told you yet, fellow Aberite; we’re going out for Paul‘s birthday on Tuesday (not Wednesday,...

  • The Fife Diet from Kamikaze Cookery

    29 December, 2008

    I’ve been following Kamikaze Cookery (three geeks doing cookery… with science!) for a while now, and it’s got some...

  • Curry And Penny

    9 April, 2008

    Went out last night for curry and beer to celebrate Paul‘s birthday (yes, we’re all well aware that Paul’s...

  • The Australian Pink Floyd Show

    4 April, 2008

    I took Claire, Ruth and JTA to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Cardiff International Arena last...

  • Quickly, Before They Turn The Glass Into Lesbians!

    5 November, 2007

    So, what have I been up to this weekend, you ask. Well… “Cover The Mirrors” Launch Party On Friday...

  • Paul Is The Most Fucking Random Person In The World

    5 May, 2005

    Paul M: fucking nutter. The most random person you’re ever likely to meet. But you’ve got to love his...

  • Silliest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

    18 July, 2003

    As this hilarious BBC news story tells it, an artist came home to his Liverpool house to find that:...