Frame from a video showing TomSka's hand pushing a hot dog sausage into a bun, on top of fried onions and sauces. The picture is captioned "July 6th".

In his latest Last Month video, TomSka took the “is a hot dog a sandwich” argument into a whole new arena by saying:

I’m a firm believer that the sauce and toppings should go under the dog. And that way, I don’t have to put it all in my moustache when I eat it.

My initial reaction was: What the hell are you doing‽ They’re toppings, not… bottomings, I guess?

But on the other hand:

  1. Previews of other movies you might like to see are still called trailers, even though nowadays they’re normally shown before the film.
  2. This actually looks like it might be good for preventing onions falling off, which is my biggest problem when I eat hot dogs (I don’t mind moustache toppings: they’re a treat for later on).

So yeah, I might try doing this. But if I do, I’m definitely going to start calling them “bottomings”.


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  1. Hayley H Hayley H says:

    well of course, how else do you keep everything together? This is the easiest way to do a Seattle hot dog with the cream cheese as well, you just put a slice in the bun then the hot dog on top.

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