Monster Munch Sandwich

Experimenting with some unusual combinations in anticipation of International Crisp Sandwich Day.

Thich white sandwich on a blue-and-white china plate, with the distinctive shape of an organge-coloured Monster Munch crisp poking out.

This one’s Roast Beef Monster Munch on Farmhouse White.

Dan - a white man with long hair tied back and a goatee-style beard - bites into something concealed by his hand (but implied to be a crisp sandwich), which is at his mouth. He's wearing a black t-shirt on which the top part of a swirling rainbow can be made out, and a watch with a "bi pride"-flag coloured watch strap. A window and a cluttered office space are out-of-focus behind him.

(I hereby release the crisp sandwich photo into the public domain / CC0 license; your choice.)

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